Thursday, July 5, 2012

I must have flowers in my brain

 Today was a red kind of day - but to me everyday is a red kind of day.

Jacket: Le Chateau
Shirt: Joe Fresh
Tie: from another blouse
Skirt: eShakti (last worn here preblog)
Shoes: Fluevog Together Hi | Benatar (last worn here)

We were having a baby shower at work today since two of my coworkers are having babies in the next two months. I brought a salad and I almost covered my entire outfit in salad dressing. Fortunately I saved this skirt from certain death by Newman's Own Oil and Vinegar.

What's not to love about this skirt? Knee length? CHECK
Pockets? CHECK
Gold flowers? CHECK
Bright Colour? CHECK!!

I get quite a few complements when I wear this skirt.

Adding this tartan tie was a last minute decision and I'm not sure if it was a good addition or not.

And of course super fun Fluevogs.

Yesterday, someone asked if I could show some photos of my tattoos so here they are.

I didn't get my first tattoo until I was 35 and it was just a small tattoo that says k∞tog (knit infinity together). Everyone thinks it says koofog or kootog because it wasn't done very well.

My second tattoo I got in 2008 when I was 37.  It's a mouse knitting a sock which is a picture I found on a necklace that I bought on etsy.

This is on the underside of my right forearm.

Then in 2009 my friend's boyfriend designed this tattoo for me.

I love animals and birds so here we have a crow, mouse and squirrel sitting on a branch. This needs some touch ups but it's fine for now.

Then in 2011 I made an appointment to see Sunny Buick in Paris to get a tattoo. I was going to be there on vacation and having seen her work on other people I knew it would be a worthwhile venture.  I had asked her to design something with a vintage shoe and a cat. This is one of the designs that she proposed. I love it and after she actually tattooed it in colour I was pretty blown away.

I tell people that the "f" design on the boot is for "France" but if you know anything about me you'll know it really stands for "Fluevog".

After I got this last one, which hurt almost more than I could stand, I said I'd never get another one, but I'm feeling the itch again.

Most people don't comment on my tattoos but I do get the odd question. Usually the same questions that all tattooed people get like "did it hurt?" (yes), "what do your parents think?" (they hate them but I'm 41 so tough luck), "what will you do when you're old?" (I'll be one of many people tattooed when I'm old since most people I know have at least one).  Today I saw this video of a school teacher doing a monologue about her tattoos. It's worth sharing....


  1. Love the Fluevog boot!

    Thanks so much for sharing that video... that was wonderful.

  2. I am going to have to break down and buy an eShakti dress, I know it. That skirt is wonderfully eye-catching. I think adding the plaid tie is bold accessorizing - I like it!

    Heh, I'm 49 and a half, and only in the last year started jonesin' for a tattoo. I've even roughed out the art for it (fairy Corgi), and checked out local tattoo artists. Now to just suck it up and get over my fear of needles :P

  3. That skirt is so cute! I think the plaid tie is a great addition to it. Glad the skirt made it through unscathed! I can't tell you how many times I've nearly or actually ruined something by cooking.

    Your tattoos are so cool! I think they're very you, and I like your stories behind them.

    I have two planned, but I've yet to actually take the (financial and painful) plunge. My family is all tat'd up, and I think I'm the only one left without ink.

    I really enjoyed the monologue. Quite beautiful!

  4. That was an awesome link, thank you! I got all teary.

    I love your tattoos. They are all so neat in different ways. I'm excited for my next one...another 4 hours in the chair...eeee...

    Great skirt! Radiantly orange!

  5. I love your tattoos! Also the skirt...

  6. That skirt blows my mind, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I want it!!!

  7. Cute skirt! Glad it didn't get dressing spilled on it - those stains are so hard to get out.

    That mouse knitting the sock is SUCH a cute tattoo... I love it :D

  8. That's a GREAT skirt! I love eShakti.

    Thanks for sharing your tattoos! I really want to get one at some point. Still haven't decided what I want to get it of though and that's what's hanging me up!

  9. Oh thanks for posting pics of your tattoos. All of them are so beautiful. I especially love the one your friend's boyfriend designed.

  10. Great skirt, and how comforting to know someone else spills stuff all over themselves...
    Fluevogs, huh? I had never heard of them till I saw another blogger in some and googled them. Such cool shoes.
    Love your tattoos, I only have one small little one but can totally understand the desire for more. And that clip is fabulous. xxx