Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's time that you were told. I think you're growing old

When I was in university, I remember going to the local mall (Most of all, Stone Road Mall) and shopping in the Marks and Spencer store. I would mostly buy cookies like ginger snaps and the oat and treacle biscuits. At some point, I'm guessing around 1992, I bought this white linen blouse and I've kept it for 20 years. I wash and iron it much more frequently than I wear it. In fact, today is the first time I've worn it for about 5 years. We don't have Marks and Spencer stores in Canada anymore which is a shame since those cookies were darn good.

Blouse: Mark's and Spencer
Skirt: Smoking Lily (last worn here)
Shoes: Bamboo via Winners (last worn here)

Both the skirt and the blouse are linen which is a good choice for today as it is another hot one.

I should probably wear this top more often because I received two complements on it while we were out for breakfast.

It was too bright to take my photo on our deck so we're in front of my neighbour's house, under their tree. 

I'm not wearing any make-up so I'm not thrilled with how I look but the outfit isn't bad.

Not sure why I chose the green shoes - maybe to give this a pop of colour.

This photo is an outtake. As you can see, although it's hot, we have a nice breeze.

I hope you're all having a good Sunday.


  1. MArks and Spencer did at some point also have stores in Portugal and other countries but I think they closed them all around the same time. I heard the other day they aren't doing so well either, having lost around 6% of sales compared to last year. The times they are a changing and old brands we take for granted are struggling... It's a shame really as it is somehow one of those brands that are very British.
    Anyway, it is amazing that you have kept that shirt for so long! It's a classic and it'll always look good!

  2. I think this blouse and skirt are perfectly balanced and so fresh in linen. I even love wrinkled linen!
    Cute shoes too, and since your hair is such a great color accessory I don't think you need much makeup.

  3. It's a great blouse, and holding up really well.

    I try to give my face a makeup break on weekends, which is why there are no pics allowed :p

  4. The blouse is nice and breezy for summer. You should definitely pull it out more often. I think the green shoes were a good choice, nothing like a little dose of color with a great neutral outfit.

  5. I used to buy Marks & Spencer's biscuits, etc. when we had one here in London - they were good! Almost all my summer dresses and tops are linen; it means I look like I slept in my clothes by mid-afternoon, but I'm comfortable in the heat!

  6. I miss Marks & Spencer's - they used to have a store in downtown Victoria in the 80s. They had food, underwear...weird stuff.

    You look great with no make-up! Love the breezy outtake.

  7. M&S have the best quality for basics. I always buy underwear when I go to England from their stores.
    You always find the perfect shoes to enhace an outfit.