Monday, July 30, 2012

Red and Turquoise

This weekend was probably the busiest weekend I've had in months. Saturday started with breakfast out and then going downtown to watch the Pride Parade. I took a bunch of photos but they didn't turn out very well. I mostly took picture of dogs anyway. =)

My husband took lots of photos too and since he's a photographer his turned out much better. He did take two photos of me though.

In the second photo the parade is over and I'm trying to find Brent. He found me first.

After the parade, Brent had to work so I wandered around downtown. I made the mistake of going into Kick Ass Shoes, a store that used to carry Fluevog shoes, because I saw a pair of Fluevogs on their sale shelf. Those shoes didn't fit me but the sales clerk mentioned that they still had a pair or two in the backroom. She brought out these.

These are Blind Faith Mid Drew shoes from 2008-ish. I have another pair from this family, the Blind Faith Corey which I last wore on Valentine's Day. These shoes are the shiniest Fluevogs ever.

Here's what I wore with them.

Sweater: Pretty Things Boutique (wore a million times)
Dress: Sweet Soul (last worn here)

There's something pretty about red and turquoise together.  My co-worker was quite complementary about this outfit.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and happy Monday.


  1. That dress is the greatest color blue. Also hooray for shoes! Those were almost my first Fluevogs. I got gunshy and held out for my Pearl harts, but I still sometimes see those around the vog site and wonder.

    I like your hat from the Pride Parade. I think it suits your style.

  2. What a freakin' helpful sales associate! I might make these shoes my computer desktop background :o Love the name of the store.

    I love you in colors!

  3. It was Pride weekend here in London too. I decided to walk in the parade this year with our women's roller derby team, which was fun. I didn't find any cool shoes afterwards though...

    I like red and turquoise together!

  4. How cool to find an older pair of Fluevogs hiding in the back! That's like a dream...

    I adore turquoise and red together - it's one of my favourite combinations. Great dress colour on you!

  5. Ooh I love those new shoes!! They look awesome with your new dress!

    Now where are the dog pictures? LOL

  6. That pic of you gazing over the fence has such a timeless quality. I loove that shade of blue with red. The shoes? Awesome. Great find!!

  7. Red and turquoise are so good together. Why don't I wear them? I will pinch that idea immediately.
    Love the sneaky photo of you looking for your husband, bet he was laughing!
    More Fluevogs, hiding in the store room, just waiting to come home to Mama... I am sighing and dying over here with the Fluevog envy! xxxx

  8. Your shoes are always like candy to me and they grab me from your photos! I love that photo of you peeking over the fence too.

  9. The picture of your peeking over the fence could be a postcard! I'd buy and send it to my fashionable friend, who likes hats.

    Are your co workers usually complimentary of your outfits? My work place is mixed, we all have such different styles but I think it makes it all so much more interesting....

  10. Sweet shoes! And I like your outfit - such a fun color combo!