Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A single random meeting with your eyes

Today I started the day at the ophthalmologist (that's a hard word to spell). I have a pterygium (don't click that link if you're easily grossed out by eye things) growing on my eye so I have to go to the eye doctor every 6 months or so to have it checked and measured to make sure it isn't growing too quickly. 

After I left the doctor's office, I was standing outside waiting for a taxi when two young girls about 7 and 5 ran past me. About 10 second later, one of the girls ran back over to me and said "I really like your hair style!" Made my day!

Too bad that happened this morning - I need a little pick-me-up like that now. Canada Post has mislaid my Fluevog order. I WANT MY SHOES!

This is a photo light post because this outfit was nice but relatively uninspired.

Dress: Shabby Apple (last worn here)
Belt: from another dress
Shoes: Desigual (last worn here)

I was in such a hurry this morning that I forgot to accessorize.

Here's to tomorrow being a better day.


  1. What? How could Canada Post mislay your order?? Don't they know they're Fluevogs? Jeez, Louise.

    Mine have shipped. The store shipping them sent me an email with my name wrong AND the wrong style of shoe - argle bargle! I was very stressed for about 6 hours until they responded to my email.

    It's a great dress on you, and I love the pop of orange from the shoes. You have awesome hair!

  2. Yes, you do have awesome hair. I like this outfit - it's understated but still powerful. And the colour in the belt and shoes are great accents. Don't worry. Your shoes will appear soon!

  3. Nooo! The Vogs! I hope your new belt has better luck. *fingers crossed*

    You do indeed have awesome hair! And awesome shoes. And hopefully soon you'll have more.

  4. I like dem shoes you have on :o Have I missed the pics of all the shoes in your closet? Because you have the BEST shoes.

    And great hair. And my reading glasses aren't cutting it, because I was wondering "what is a thingium on an eye?" Just call me Too Vain to Regularly Wear My Bifocals.

  5. ARRGGGH! Damn Canada Post! Don't they understand the supreme importance of Fluevogs? I hope they turn up soon. You do have cool hair and I'm glad the ankle-biters recognized that.

  6. Aw, bummer it wasn't such a good day! I'd be totally excited if young girls complemented me like that too. Your hair is awesome! I hope you get your shoes ASAP!!

  7. You DO have excellent hair!
    Hope the shoes arrive soon.
    The dress is lovely, it's just unusual to see you all in black. Love the orange bits! xxxx

  8. Very sad that your Fluevogs are missing! Oh no! I love your look with the pops of color with black!



  9. I love a simple black dress - and totally loving that you kicked it up a notch with those fabulous shoes!


  10. Aaaaw, how cute a comment from those little girls. Such compliments are the best! :) oh noes how can your Fluevogs go missin, they better find em!!

  11. I have a pterygium, too! They told me only people who live near the equator get them! Hah! Canada and Massachusetts...doesn't seem too equator-like in January!! Also...the horrors of losing your Vogs! Unfair!!