Friday, July 13, 2012

Tent dress

I had the day off today so B and I went out for breakfast and then I dropped him off at his studio. I drove downtown to Crimson and Clover to pick up some money from some shoes that they sold for me and once again I broke my vow to run in and get the money and immediately leave.

 (sorry about the crappy photos)

I found a few things on the $5 rack and then I tried on this dress.  Obviously I bought it.

Dress: Gessica Iezzi from Crimson and Clover
Cami: Envy
Shoes: Tn_29 -

I Googled this brand but I came up empty other than a website that sells accessories in Italy.

The dress has ties inside so you can tie up sections at the front or back or both.

Today it was over 30C so this was actually the coolest outfit that I could wear. I got a nice breeze when I was outside. =)

I think I need to have the straps adjusted but that shouldn't be a very hard task.

I like the gradient colour from the beige to the brown.

Here it is with all the ties untied. It might even look better after it's ironed.

I also went to Value Village and found a April Cornell duster. Usually I find that brand to be a little too precious but the jacket is pretty funky. It has long sleeves though so I'm not sure when I might actually get a chance to wear it.


  1. What an awesome dress! I love that it can be made uneven like that - and such a gorgeous "dip-dye" colouration!

    I bought a pair of shoes today while out on my lunch break...

  2. ..."get the money and immediately leave..." made me giggle. If get into a thrift or consignment store, I can never immediately leave.

    Awesome find with this dress. I really enjoy the great designs and edginess of your wardrobe.

  3. Aww, sounds like the deals I make with myself to only enter Goodwill to look for ties and come out with a sackful of other stuff. Oops!

    Well at least it was a cool find! That dress is amazing. Perfect for easy breezy summer days. I love it both bustled up and let down. I would probably get the straps taken up if it wasn't a big cost.

  4. That is an interesting dress. I had a skirt from Promod (this french brand) years ago that had a similar system and it was fun :)

  5. I love clothing that lets you change it's shape with ties or zippers! I've been selling some of my clothing at a local consignment store, and it's almost impossible to go in and not leave with something....

  6. Yep, bet that is a cool dress to wear on a hot day, lots of circulating air!
    I keep telling myself I don't need any more thrifted items of any sort... But then it isn't really about NEED, is it?! xxx

  7. Wonderful and unique style dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh