Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Too bad you're so beautiful and so complicated

Today was all about the colour and this 1950ish dress. I felt pretty all day.

Necklace: from China - gift from my husband
Cardigan: Smart Set
Dress: Heartbreaker from Pretty Things Boutique
Belt: Smart Set
Shoes: Fluevog Pin Ups | Miss April (last worn here)

Apparently the last time I wore this dress was pre-blog. I thought I wore it more frequently than that!

The belt I'm wearing doesn't really match but it kind of goes with the greenish-yellow hue in the dress pattern.

This is the dress I was wearing when I got my cat/boot tattoo in Paris. I remember feeling very uncomfortable - not because the tattoo hurt (it did) - but because Parisian woman don't wear this much colour. They tend to wear a lot of grey, black and beige so I stood out like a crazy woman.

Pro tip: If you're going to get a tattoo, make sure you wear something that won't end up touching the area that was tattooed - like a sleeveless dress. It also helps if you wear something that makes you feel fabulous so you're able to endure the pain.

Pretty pin-ups! I didn't think I owned any orange shoes but apparently I now have 4 pairs. Whoops.


  1. Lovely dress in gorgeous colors. Sounds like your orange shoe collection is like me declaring I don't have any jackets... I went from having one to half a rack full. Oops.

  2. What a fabulous dress! I love the bright colours.

    How did you go about getting a tattoo in Paris? Did you just walk in?

    Love the shoes. 4 pairs of orange is not too many!

    On a side note, your blog keeps removing me from following it! This is like the 3rd time. Arg. Anyway, I'm here. :)

  3. I love this dress! It's such a fun print and has a nice retro vibe.

  4. I LOVE orange and blue together! I have no orange shoes, but I do have about 4 pairs of red ones.

  5. One can never be too complicated or own too many pairs of orange shoes :P

    Thanks for the tattoo advice. I've been obsessed with getting one for a while, much to the chagrin of my family. They're like, "Wut?"

  6. Orange shoes? First, I realise I have no green shoes, now you've alerted me to the fact I have no orange shoes either! My shoe collection is sadly lacking...
    The frock is a beauty, love the print and the colour. I think it's not just in Paris where there isn't much colour, there are neutrals (and denim) to be found everywhere. Fight the neutral! xxx

  7. That dress is a great color on you! Looks so great with your hair!

  8. Lovely. Shoes are calling my name, wonder how hard they are to find.

    Where's a close up of tattoo?

  9. Oh MY, now we're talking!! :) Colours big time and I luuuuuve it!! *surprise suprise* ;) and yet again a pair of shoes to die for *swoons*