Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wild boys never lose it ...

.... but Canada Post does. Still no package. WHAT. THE. HELL!  I know this is 100% a "first world problem" but it's getting a little ridiculous that Canada Post lost my package sometime after letting me know that the package was going to be available that night. I'm starting to believe that when you call Canada Post customer service to complain they put a flag on your file and work to screw you over even worse. *sigh*

Dear Canada Post:

Ever since you decided to merge letter delivery with package delivery everything has been FUBAR! It takes a big person to admit that they have done something wrong. Here is your opportunity to show us how big you can be by stopping this stupid practice and going back to separating these services again. It will be seen as a sign of intelligence.

No love!

Not to mention, my Retail Postal Outlet is now in the Mall. So whenever I go to get a package I come out with things that I buy at MAC or Sephora or some other store. Like last night...

...I bought this skirt. But it was 50% off!

Sweater:  Pretty Things Boutique
T-shirt: Banana Republic via Value Village
Belt: Smoking Lily
Skirt: RW and Co.
Shoes: anthropologie

This skirt is nice and flowy and only cost $25.00. Bargain!

I think this cardigan was my best purchase ever. I wear it so often because it's the perfect colour of red, I like the 3/4 sleeves.

Apparently I haven't worn these shoes on the blog before. I think they are cute and strappy and ... red. I might have an issue with red.

After work I walked to my pedicure appointment and these shoes were not the most comfortable for a 30 minute walk.

Post pedicure I had to wear different shoes.

Red shoes! Red toes!

The pedicure was lovely and relaxing. Unfortunately I smudged the polish on one of the nails. I hate it when that happens.


  1. Oh, man, that sucks, Megan! I hope you get your package soon! If you can, I would recommend you have your Fluevogs mailed to your work address - that's what I do with mine. I hate getting notices that I've got a package, and then I have to go way out of my way to pick them up at my so-called nearest postal outlet.

    I adore the colour of that cardigan - it reads a very orange-y red to me, as do the shoes. And wow, do I ever love those shoes.

    Great deal on the skirt - such an awesome piece!

  2. Noo! I can't believe they lost them. That sounds so frustrating. "First world problems" can still be legit problems to be upset at. Especially when it comes down to stuff you spend your money on.

    I love your smoking lily obi and those gorgeous strappy shoes. Strappy shoes make my heart sing.

    I always always always manage to smudge one nail before I even leave the nail salon - which is why I don't get them done except in rare occasions.

  3. Shame about the parcel, but looking on the bright side, what a fabulous skirt! I think you will wear it a lot. It looks great with red, And those Melissa heart sandals are gorgeous. xx

  4. So frustrating still! I can't believe it!

    I do love your new skirt though! Looks very nice and also like it's probably comfortable.

    Oh pedicures, I love them but somehow I end up smudging my nails no matter how long I wait for them to dry!

  5. Effing Canada Post! Hope the shoes show up soon. I like the skirt, but I am really lusting after the strappy red shoes! Where do you find strappy shoes that have room for bunions?

  6. Stuck on those red shoes not seen on the blog before. Crushin' on 'em a bit.

    That skirt was too beautiful and too nicely priced to leave behind.

  7. You always wear the most glorious shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. Love eveeything about this outfit.

    Hope shoes show up soon.