Friday, August 3, 2012

Devil with a brown dress on

I'm writing this blog having had a drinky or two so I can't be responsible for what I say or don't say.

Necklace: Fireworks Gallery
Sweater: Club Monaco
Dress: from Lisbon, Portugal
Shoes: Bamboo from Winners (last worn here)

There's a lot more green in this dress than you might first think. That's why I wore the ACID green shoes.

In 2008, B and I went on a trans-Atlantic repositioning cruise with some friends. It was going from Florida to Barcelona and was Über-cheap. We embarked in Florida, stopped in Bermuda and then spend 7 days at sea crossing the Atlantic and then arrived in Lisbon. It was in Lisbon that we were told that one of the stabilizers had broken and the Portuguese port authority wouldn't let the ship leave until it was fixed. Consequently (ooo...big word), all ports of call were cancelled and the ship would just be heading directly to Barcelona once it was fixed.

B and I decided to disembark at that time, leaving our friends behind. We stayed at a great hotel called Pestana Palace and spent 3 days discovering the city.  This dress reminds me of those days.

It has sequins on the top, which you can't see. Sparkly!

Here's what you couldn't see - my new pincushion ring! B bought it for me yesterday at a local store run by our friend Pam, called Put Me On. Don't worry, I only stuck the needles in for demonstration purposes.

I didn't ramble too much...nighty night!


  1. I love drinky posts! That dress looks made for dancing the night away. I kind of like the ring with needles :p

  2. I love the shape of that dress - it's incredibly flattering! The pincushion ring is a great idea; jewellery that is cute and practical.

  3. Fabulous dress with an even better memory behind it. I love pieces with history.

    How cute is that ring! I bet it would be incredibly handy as well. I can't count the times I've lost a needle. >.>;

  4. Oh yes indeed, those shoes with that dress? How perfect!! Too bad I can't see the sparklies better but I'll take your word for it they're there. I like the story behind this dress as well. And the pincushion ring is a great idea, like a porcupine finger.

  5. That's a lovely dress, the print around the bottom is gorgeous. And acid green shoes? Of course!
    There is a sewing theme going on with your jewelly at the moment, first scissors, then a pin cushion.
    Hmm, blogging with wine... I would probably say something highly inappropriate! xxxxx

  6. Wow, what an awesome dress! So many fun colours - of course you had to do the acid green shoes! I love the pincushion ring.

    Well done on the not rambling. :) Hee!

  7. I want those shoes. Green shoes are adorable!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

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  9. I thought I had commented -obviously my wine the other night was very strong! I commend your lack of typos and coherence despite the wine. I love to hear stories of clothes, thanks for sharing it.

  10. I know this isn't really the point of your post at all, but it reminded me of how much I would love to go on a cruise someday! BF's been on one before and unfortunately didn't have an awesome time, now I'm not sure if I can talk him into one again!