Thursday, August 23, 2012

I wish that I was on that plane

Yay! I'm on holiday! No work until after Labour Day! YAYAYAYA!

I may have gone out tonight to celebrate. Yes it's only 9:15pm and I'm home from celebrating, but I'm feeling pretty toasty. That photo is actually pretty old. I do look rather enthusiastic in it though.

Here's me today.

T-shirt: Joe Fresh
 Belt: who knows?
Skirt: Asos (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Prepares | Scout (last worn here)

I can't tell you how many times I either almost fell off my shoes or stepped on my skirt today. It was a lot of times. Many many times. Luckily I never actually fell on my face or ripped my skirt off. Score one for me!

I'm mostly having a "staycation" so I've planned some pampering. I'm having my hair cut tomorrow and on Monday I'm having a pedicure and getting my eyebrows done. On Wednesday I'm getting a tube put in my right ear. Ok, that last thing isn't really pampering but being 1/2 deaf isn't easy.

Here I am looking at my shoes that almost killed me a few times. These are surprisingly heavy and my legs are surprisingly white.

A few people asked what shoes I bought this week. Here are pictures of them.

 Gold Dot sandals.
Liebling Wing Blue shoes.


  1. Vacation! Woo! I love the picture, hilarious!

    I really like the long lines of the outfit. How much do I love the Prepares line?? But slip-ons are deadly, plus a long skirt? Danger! Danger!

    Wow, cool shoes! You have excellent taste.

  2. Eep! This sounds like a dangerous clothing combo. That's one of the major reasons I don't wear maxis (or very extreme platforms) - I would have fallen on my face. Glad you made it unscathed!

    Seriously drooling over the first pair of sandals. I googled and saw they came in silver. Might be twitching right now. Aaaah, so cute.

  3. You need one of those skirt-hitching-up devices the Victorians used, Megan! Skirt clips, is that what they are called? Very steam punk. Anyway, even if it nearly had you on your backside, it's a gorgeous skirt. And the shoes are fabulous, but I have real problems walking in mules... Can't seem to keep them on.
    Enjoy your time off from bureaucracy, especially the pampering. Hope your ear tube thingy goes OK.
    Mmmmm... New shoes! xxxx

  4. Have a wonderful staycation in your wonderful shoes!!! and dresses, and blouses, and skirts, etc....

  5. Are you kidding? Those shoes are making me verklempt. I just nominated you for a Liebster Award.

  6. Happy vercertion! Love that picture. And those shoes too, so fabulous. Hope your med. procedure goes well.

  7. Awesome that you made it safely to vacation! There are many days when not setting myself on fire = resounding success. Despite its life-threatening properties, this is a really gorgeous outfit.

    Enjoy the pampering, the rest, the Duran Duran, and all the best with your ear procedure. Can't wait to see how you style your new shoes - AH ERM SER, SER, HERPY FER YER!!!

  8. Oh my I love that first pair of sandals. I am going to Google like Megan Mae did as soon as I finish this.
    Happy vacation.

  9. Holy cow you look happier than I've ever seen you, all cothes aside, vacation looks the best on you.

  10. Have a great holiday! happy pampering good luck with the ear tube- hope everything goes fine!

  11. Oh! forgot to say - I love the shoes - the gold sandals are stunning!
    Awwwwwww! shoes! i have about 100 pairs - i think...i am sick !...- LOL!

  12. Ahhh, you got the gold sandals from Citizen's Rosebud's post, you lucky sod! The blue ones are mucho gorgeouso too! How can you wear shoes with straps across the front of your foot like that, is what I want to know ;)
    Have a wonderful week+ away from work, enjoy the pampering, and hope the ear tube procedure goes well!

  13. I love those murderous shoes of yours!

  14. love your shoes!

  15. Ok, I'm about to sound like a weird stalker but I *totally* saw you IRL (that means "in real life", right?) the other day because we live in the same city, as it turns out. I didn't say hello because a) I thought it might be weird and b) I was wearing many stupid things. Plus I have never commented here before because I used to blog more but now I don't so I thought I shouldn't be so comment-y because I've dropped out of the community--I have lots of rules that only apply to me, made up by me--and I wasn't sure how you'd feel about a stupidly-dressed smelly lurker who is bad at small talk saying hello to you at what was probably the end of your work day.

    Anyway, I enjoy your blog. And your taste in music, though I wouldn't go to Toronto to see Duran Duran. I *would* go to Toronto to see New Order (in October) but OMG when did concert tickets get so stupid expensive?!? Also I love your shoes. I have a whole closet just for my shoes, FYI. Have an excellent vacation.

    1. Next time say HI! I won't find that weird at all. My blog was noted in The Coast a few months ago so it's happened a few times now.

  16. Love the mustard dangerous 'vogs but those gold ones are amazing too. Great shoes all around. Glad you didn't fall. Your staycation sounds fun (except for the ear tube thing - best of luck with that).