Thursday, August 16, 2012

Paranoia, the only valid point of view

This combination was inspired by this outfit from Amber. I really liked how the layering created blocks of colour.

Cardigan: Pretty Things Boutiqu
Dress: Soda Fountain Dress from ModCloth
Belt: ?
Skirt: eShakti (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Presence | Impulse (last worn here)

If you follow the link to when I last wore the skirt, you'll see that there is a design of shoes above the red band (yes it's red, not orange). This dress covered it up pretty perfectly.

I didn't know my necklace as all askew when I took the photo. Ooops.

Sans cardigan.

I was trying to stand differently but I mostly just succeeded in looking awkward.

I'm taking the day off tomorrow because I'm pretty burnt out and I have some things to deal with including figuring out what to wear to a wedding on Saturday.


  1. Love the layering! I can't wait until it cools off enough to layer again. Aww, I don't think you look awkward, I think you look cute!

    Goodluck on dressing for the wedding. I'm sure you'll come up with something good.

  2. Great layering! I was inspired by Amber as well - what awesome style.

    I hope the shoes were more comfortable this wearing. I got a laugh out of your neckaces - I call that "boob-wrangling" - my long necklaces like to do that too.

    Can't wait to see what you wear to the wedding! No pressure, heh.

  3. I love seeing layered skirts and petticoats on other bloggers but can never pull it off myself. So I kind of just stare in awe at you guys :)

    I like your pose, too. It's very balletic, yet witty.

  4. Such great layering and colors - you are fabulous today : >

  5. Ears burning! Eee! Ever gorgeous, Megan! Just perfect with your new flats, and necklace and belt playing so nicely together. Thanks for showing the last time you wore the skirt (great outfit as well!), it is transformed. I so appreciate the shout-out, I think of you together with Audi as my heroines of layering and proportion.

    Far from awkward, that pose is incredibly evocative - all intensity and foreboding!
    Rest well, and good luck with the wedding-wear!

  6. I like this layering here. Who knew you kept all those shoes under your dress? That is a bold cover, and a great one! I like your last pose too - it's the kind where we wonder what's going on in that marvellous brain.

  7. I had a look at the red skirt when you wore it before, and am impressed that this layered look is so different. I seem to wear most of my clothes in exactly the same way, if you get what I mean, I have never experimented with layering for fear of appearing Michellin Man-esque... But you don't so maybe I should try it!
    Love the colours, and I am going to pinch Sheila's boob wrangling phrase, my long necklaces often do the same.
    PS. I like the second pose! You should see some of mine when I try a different stance, bloody hilarious! xxxxx

  8. I've been experimenting with layering skirts under dresses this summer and enjoyed the visual interest it adds to a look. I'm sure you will figure out a fabulous wedding guest outfit for tomorrow!

  9. Love the layering look :) I will have to try it for myself, oh the possibilities :)

  10. Tempted to try to layer something now, your colour combination is lovely.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your wedding guest outfit! I had to take a very early night the night before the wedding I went to this weekend, getting travel stuff, outfit and packing sorted (not to mention the gift!) wiped me out somewhat..