Monday, August 20, 2012

Playing with me like a cat

I enjoyed wearing my layered/tiered dress so much that I wore another one today. It's still warm and annoyingly humid.

Cardigan: Modcloth (last worn here)
Dress: Colleen Eitzen (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Pin Downs | Raquel

These shoes make me feel very tall and this cardigan makes me feel very.... young? Immature? Sweet? Not sure how to describe it but maybe I won't wear it to work again unless it's Friday.

The back is awfully cute though. KITTY!

Speaking of cats, mine have been very lethargic. I'm presuming this is because of the weather? Anyone else have extra lazy cats?

Dress sans cardigan. Flouncy!

Today I booked my flight to Ontario to go to see two Duran Duran concerts at Casino Rama. WHOOOOT!! So excited! These two concerts are the last in their long tour that began last year. I hope they've kept something extra in the tank for their Canadian fans.


  1. I nearly bought those shoes - they've had them marked down in a local shop forever. They just don't quite look right, though.

    Love the dress on you!

    I agree: the cardi is a little juvenile (although, aw, kitty!!). My cat is very slothful. It's the weather.

  2. I have 4 cats, of every complexion of behaviour. But they do NOT like heat.
    Look at your cute kitty cardigan! Why is it not OK for work? I don't work any more, so I may not understand the rules now...
    Anyhow - great flouncy frock, almost a ra-ra, love it! And the shoes, always love your shoes.
    DD twice over? Will your heart stand the love? And WHAT will you wear? xxxx

  3. Aww, I love the cardigan. It's ridiculously adorable. But I can see why it might not be the best office wear.

    Speaking of lazy cats - good lord, mine are so lazy. I think it's the heat. They really dislike the heat. Then again, when winter comes, they'll all huddle around complaining its cold.

  4. Oh yeah, I love that flapper vibe, especially with that pose.

  5. I know what you mean about clothes that make you feel too ... hmm. I love the rocket-printed dress at ModCloth they call The Cosmonaut, and unrelated to "too old / too young," it would just take me a half-step too close to cartoonish. Darn it.

    Your grey tiered dress, on the other hand, is just amazing!

    Have fun at the Duran Duran concerts! Wish I could go with you!

  6. Oh, LOL...I love that cardigan. :)

  7. My cats are always lazier when it's warm/humid out. Lately they've been much less that way since we've finally had some nicer weather!

    I do like the kitty cardigan even if it's youthful! And I love your dress!

  8. This cardi with the cat is so, so cute!
    I would wear any day! I say this cardi says your are fun person and the hell with the rest, what do you think?

    Ariane xxxx

  9. I'm always a little wary of clothing with novelty prints, no matter how awesome the print may be, I'm afraid of crossing into the "mutton dressed as lamb" territory. That said, spending the day with a knitted kitty draped about my neck would probably make me smile, and everyone else in the office too! You look fabulous in your flounces and sassy pose!

  10. My cat is sitting on my arm as I type!

  11. Love red and grey together, such a cuuuuute cardi meeoow :)