Wednesday, September 26, 2012

And soldiers coming home like shadows turning red

I'm so glad that it's cool enough again to wear this dress. Looking back at previous wears I notice that I tend to wear it with these tights.

Dress: i Clothing Company (last worn here)
Tights: Sock Dreams
Boots: Fluevog Bellevue | Libby Smith (last worn here)

Funny story. Someone found that blog post by searching for "booty huge pants". That's a very specific search. I'm glad it wasn't "huge booty pants".

Look! I turned around to show you my other hip. I'm a mad woman.

After work today I went to the main shopping street downtown to buy a pair of shoes. When I went into the store the sale person asked me if I was wearing Fluevogs. I said "of course"! Then I was asked from where I was visiting. They didn't believe that I was a local.  That was quite a confidence boost. Not that Haligonians aren't cool, but it made me feel "fashionable". Or something.

This dress is actually a smidge too big now.  Maybe someone will find this post by searching for "booty huge dress".


  1. What a great dress! I love the detail at the top. Fab boots - you know I love my Libby Smiths! I can't wait to wear them again.

  2. I think you should line up all of your Fluevogs for a group shot - I for one would pay to see that!

  3. Your Fluevogs were recognized, how cool. Love that dress!

  4. I adore everything about this outfit. I have those tights in burgundy! I bought them early on in my bloggy days before I got away from wearing jeans and a tee shirt almost all the time. I consider them my first foray into fashion.

    Also if anyone is interested there's a pair of Libby Smith's on ebay - I've been "window stalking" but can't afford to strike.

  5. You are looking sizzling these days. It's funny how you notice what accessories you tend to choose by looking back at old photos. I do that too. That's too funny about the search words. I agree with Shelley's idea of a shoe group shot.

  6. I've had some corking searches bring people to my blog - "exhibitionist wife" and "mom's leather punishment belt" being just 2 fine examples...
    The booty is anything but huge, Megan, you look as though you have lost weight actually. (This is merely an observation, with no judgment attached to it, just so you know!)
    Great frock, it does have something of the military about it, and pairing it with lacey tights is genius. And hurrah for being recognised as a Fluevog-wearing fashionista! xxxx

  7. Heh, I get a kick out of what people search for and how they find my blog. It's funny.

    This is a great dress and I love those shoes!

  8. Fabulous. I love this outfit. I love many more of your outfits, but today I have time to tell you how great you look.

  9. I must confess: I am a person who has found your blog this past month through various combinations of words with "fluevog;" due to the frustration of so many shoe product photos not having feet in them, I always want to know where they're going to fall on the ankle / toe / or wherever so I can discern whether I want to buy a certain pair of shoes because I have very narrow ankles and thicker calves (and scant decent shoe stores in town). (I've also found Fashion for Nerds and Megan Mae Daily and Sheila Ephemera the same way.) All that being said, I love your blog! (and theirs, too... I should probably go post a comment on each of those blogs some time). It makes me so happy to see other people my age-ish posting their wonderful outfits. If I had enough discipline to keep up with such a thing, I'd probably have such a blog myself.

    Mostly, though, I want to say that I LOVE the photo of you on the deck waving to the neighbor children. In most of of the photos I've seen on your blog, your facial expression is so neutral, I almost laughed out loud when I saw that one. So unexpected and darling.

  10. Pictures & posts like these make me covet Fluevogs!

  11. I love the textures and the particular shades of green in this outfit, and the asymmetrical button closures on this dress are excellent! Hey, thanks for the detail, Other Hip!

    Wacky search terms are my favourite - I'm collecting some myself, but Curtise wins hands down. "Booty huge pants" sound comfy and I want some.

  12. In searching for some inspiration for wearing my Libby Smiths I came across your blog, and I would like to thank you for the introduction to Sock Dreams! I wear a lot of Vancouver designed Sympli ( sold by Samuel & Co in Halifax, apparently) and I have been in need of some brilliant socks to complete my whacky Bohemian ensembles. Already everyone in school checks my feet since my 'Vog collection is full and interesting, I just needed better socks. :-)

    Thanks also for the shot of the Petrea boots. I've been pondering adding those to the collection, but was having trouble imagining them in action. The heel seems so low (I like 2" most of the time- the Bellevues are my favourites) but they look awesome in your recent post!