Monday, September 3, 2012

Bata Shoe Museum part 2

First off, my apologies for the quality of these photos. My camera's battery ran out before I got to this exhibit so I had to resort to using my iPhone.

This exhibit was of shoes from Parisian shoe designer Roger Vivier. Vivier was a shoe designer at Dior under Christian Dior from 1953-1963 and was the creator of the stiletto heel. He also created other unique heel designs which led to his being let go by Dior and going out on his own to create his own shoe line.

Blue silk shoes designed for the House of Dior.

I love the poppy design on the toe of these shoes and the yellow heel. There are also jewels on the flowers which look like water droplets. The intricacy in the design and manufacture is evident.

This is a simple shoe until you look at the hell. This is Vivier's "comma heel". The bottom of the heel is situated right below the middle of the heel and it's not very high so wearing this shoe is not awkward.

Another comma heel, but more flashy with pink silk and lots of jewels.

The beginning of the stiletto, here in bright orange. Beautiful!

In the 1960s, Vivier created the "Tibet heel" which is simple and doesn't take attention away from the ruffles on the vamp.

I love these blue, jeweled and feathered heels. Works of art!

As are these fabric, jeweled, lacy bottine with the Polichinelle heel. These bottines were also made with needle thin stilettos.

Typical stiletto made with silk and embroidery.

Vivier also designed single shoes and boots to be sold as works of art rather than to be worn. Seems a shame!

Later in life he also created these lovely papercuts.

This is a wonderful exhibit full showing the evolution of design. Highly recommended for lovers of shoes, design, art or beauty.

While in TO, I also visited the Royal Ontario Museum. There was a dinosaur exhibit on which was interesting (SCIENCE!) but I took a few photos from their clothing and textile exhibit that was unfortunately being reconstructed so there were a lot of empty spaces. Was still interesting though.


  1. Wow, these are lovely. I particularly like the purple ones with a Polichinelle heel, so beautiful. I would need to be a grand rich lady & live in Venice & go to masked balls in order to wear those best. Ah, shoe fantasies.

  2. Thank you for sharing - they are all beautiful.

  3. Those purple shoes - be still my beating heart! Gorgeous. Thanks again for sharing this with us. Lovely to see the different shoes.

  4. Aren't they stunning? Love the poppies and the ruffles and the feathers. Not sure how comfortable those comma heels would be but I would be willing to give them a go! I often see shoes which make me want to put them on a shelf and admire them as works of art, since I recognise I could NEVER walk in them. xxxx

  5. Wow, such wonderful lines and heels...*sigh* So many beautiful shoes.

  6. this is the first I've ever seen of a comma heel. It seems like it would easily break once a woman wore them.

  7. All amazing, but the yellow poppies and the blue-feathered - they know my name!

  8. OMG, I covet every single one of these shoes beyond anything I've ever wanted in my life. I probably would have been jailed for flipping out and running around like a maniac, sticking my feet in anything that I could get on :o So glad I'm getting the pictorial experience instead...