Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More than just color and shape)

Today was a very flustering day at work. I was trying to get a lot of things done but I kept getting distracted and interrupted.

Dress: Heartbreaker from Pretty Things Boutique (last worn here)
Belt: Megan Mae Obi Belt
Shoes: Aldo  (last worn here)

Overall though, it was a rather pleasurable and pleasant day other than when I went outside and the wind blew my skirt up making me flash a group of international students who were outside smoking. Ooops.

I was able to wear these shoes all day - for about 9 hours. Surprising for such pointy heels.

Quick post today because I have to go pick up a friend and go out for dinner.

Oh! I got new shoes in the mail today. Of course I will probably wear them tomorrow.


  1. Gorgeous fabric on your dress today! Can't wait to see your new shoes!!!

  2. Love your colours today. You look about to burst out laughing!

  3. I love all the color, and the orange shoes.

    I guess our moms weren't so off the mark when they kept harping about the importance of nice underwear :p

  4. Lol, I accidentally flashed a bunch of my coworkers on a windy lunchroom deck several years ago!

    Just love this dress!

  5. Hooray for brightly colored print! That dress looks fabulous on you. Glad the shoes made it all day. Sometimes pointy shoes can be alright if the toe box is made right.

    Hope you had a great dinner out with your friends. Can't wait to see the new shoes.

  6. Hurray for new shoes! I love this dress - the colors are awesome! And I have totally had the "Marilyn Monroe" moment before too in a dress when it gets windy outside!

  7. Lovely colours! And I love your expression - are you about to laugh? or did a co-worker flash you?!

  8. Love the colour combination in the dress. YOu do look like you're trying not to laugh.

  9. Oh man, I have had it up to here with interruptions myself! Flashing, eee! But with this outfit so full of fabulous combinations, it totally had to be a good day in spite. Can't wait for your NER SHERS ERMAHGERD!!!

  10. i love this colour combo and the expression on your face!