Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The dancers spinning in the mirror ball

There was almost no blog today but I am so dedicated to you, my loyal readers, that I went above and beyond to make it happen!

I got home from work, changed, fed the cats, put in a load of laundry (this rock and roll lifestyle is going to kill me) and grabbed my camera so I could process my photos.

No memory card.

Memory card was sitting on the coffee table.

My computer won't talk to my camera.


So I got redressed so I could take new photos.  Don't say I never did nothin' for y'all!

Dress: Dress in Time - it's not really vintage, probably from the 1990s
Belt: Le Chateau
Slip: ?
Shoes: Fluevog Bellevues | DeVere
(last worn here)

I debated these boots for a while this morning. Do they go, are they too much but decided I wanted to wear them so I didn't care if they went or not.

The back isn't much different from the front but here it is. Butt shot!

I was looking at my neighbour's yard because they have a sunflower in their garden that's about 12 feet tall. Pretty gorgeous!


  1. That is dedication!! I think the boots go - I like them. They're fun and a little different than other boots.

  2. I think the boots go great with the dress. I adore the Bellevue family. I think they're my favorite Fluevog family.

  3. So glad you made the effort. Beautiful, and groovy. Sometimes you've got to wear what you've got to wear, but I do think the boots go with the dress.

  4. Thank you for putting your clothes back on (!). The blogosphere thanks you for it. Those boots must feel lovely on, with the holey-ness. I think it all goes well together.

  5. Also in with the kudos for re-dressing. Did you know that for nearly 3 years, every one of my photos was taken after work, after I changed out of workout clothes and back into my fashion outfits? I walked to and from work (40 min each way). That's why my hair looks so ass back in the old pictures, lol.

    Love the dress - it has a 70s feel to it. I eyed those shoes on the website for ages, but I already have 2-3 pairs of the Bellevilles.

  6. You are a trooper and a blogging star - getting re-dressed is a lot of work, imho! Love your dress and your shoes are too, too wonderful.

  7. Your dedication is much appreciated! Pleats are fab, especially in black and white, and I think the boots are great with the dress - they ground it and make it more funky than fancy.

  8. The boots definitely go. Thank you for redressing . Once my pjs are on after work, you'd have to wrestle me to the ground to get me out of them.

  9. I am so glad we got to see the swirls! This is the kind of b+w graphic pattern I always wished I could carry off - it looks so great on you. Heroic dedication much appreciated. :)