Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The truth isn't black and white. Alone we live and die

It's a rainy, yucky day in Nova Scotia. So black was the order of the day.

Dress: Bryn Walker from Cha Cha Palace in Winnipeg
Belt: Le Chateau
Slip: ?
Shoes: Fluevog Presence | Impel 

This dress has an Asian/Kimono feel because it has inset pieces that are kind of hard to explain.

I'm trying to show the squareness of the bottom of the dress, not entirely successfully.

The fabric is quite thick and it contains metal threads so that the piece holds its shape. It's really quite a unique thing.

Most of my shoes are at my husband's studio so you'll be seeing these a lot until get them back.

I'm wearing my scissors necklace and this cute dog/cat charm. SMOOCH!


  1. Boo for rainy days.

    I love that dress - what a cool shape. It reminds me very much of that Japanese aesthetic/deconstructionist look that happened in the 80s. I love that you've put a lacy slip under it (they make me happy).

    Did I tell you I sent you a package? No? I sent you a package! I am embarassed to say I didn't wash the pants (otherwise it would have taken me months - I am so bad about that), so sorry, but that's the way it is. I included another little something to make you happy - check the D-Ring on the pants - and a comic book done by a friend of mine. I may have included a button for you as well, but can't remember.

  2. Great shape on this dress and it looks great with the "bow" belt. Those shoes work with pretty much everything!

  3. What an exceptionally wonderful garment - its self-sculpting feature would keep me busy all day! Plus it's from a store called Cha Cha Palace, seriously.

    I totally don't mind looking at those shoes a lot. At all.

    Hope things clear up soon.

  4. Ditto what Amber said - I can look at the shoes a lot more . . . like wishing they were in my closet : > I adore that pendant!

  5. I love the shape of the dress. I think by pairing those shoes with it, it gives the shoes a totally different feel. They remind me of the pointed-toe style Indian/Moroccan shoe.

    Kissy-puppy and kitty! Eee, cute.

  6. Fantastic architecture in the dress. You don't just do black - you really DO it. The belt is wonderful too, especially with the shoes. Love, love.

  7. Well, if you're going to do black, do it with an amazingly structural bit of design. What a fabulous dress, the shapes are wonderful. And I need to say again that the belt is beautiful. And you have permission to wear those shoes every day! xxxx

  8. Very unique shape! I like it on you though! I don't know that I could pull something like that off. Looks great paired with the shoes. And I love the kissy kitty/doggie pendant!

  9. You would like a book called Pattern Magic by Tomoko Nakamichi - have a look a google images for it. I tried to paste in a link but couldn't -anti spam measure probably. Tomoko is a very talented pattern cutter and specialised in dresses with extra 'bits'. Your dress is lovely.

  10. I love the way you explain the draping of that dress as kind of hard to explain.