Sunday, September 23, 2012

When the green light starts pulsing

It has been raining for about two days so it feels like living in a rain forest. I may start growing moss soon. I was awake at 3:00am and it started to rain that really heavy rain that falls straight down, almost in sheets. It sounds very amazing.

Jacket: Desigual
T-shirt: no tag. From Value Village
Pants: Smoking Lily (from Sheila)
Shoes: BC Footwear (from Modcloth)

The colour on this photo is way off. The pants are lime green. Closer to this colour. I'm not very good at figuring  out how to adjust them very well.

I thought I had worn this coat on the blog before. I got it in Paris and whenever I wear it people either 1) ask if I made it or 2) chase me down the street to ask where I bought it.

 I didn't really need the jacket after all. Even though it was only about 15C, with the humidity it's still quite warm. 

These pants are "thai fisherman pants", hence the slightly saggy butt. They are very comfortable and match my new shoes pretty well.

Blue and lime. They fasten with velcro though. That always makes me feel like a little kid. Then again, these shoes do have a "juvenile feel" to them. Cute shoes.


  1. I love those shoes. Damn my wide feet!

  2. I agree. Cute shoes. But I disagree about the saggy butt actually, the trousers from Sheila fit you well - whatever colour they are!
    The coat is beautiful, I am not surprised people stop you in the street when you wear it. How fabulous to have a real eye-catching, one-off piece like that, especially when you can tell folk airily, "oh I got this in Paris"!
    Gorgeous balletic poses as always, Megan! Sorry about you being awake at 3am to listen to the rain though... xxxx

  3. Absolutely cute shoes! You SHOULD be chased down in that coat - you are a traffic-stopper in this.

  4. "I got this in Paris" -- yes, that's the best response to all compliments : > Awesome shoes.

  5. I love the shoes - I wish I could see the colour better. They look grey and chartreuse on my monitor. I found the pants very difficult too - I ended up knotting the strap to itself after putting it through the D-ring.

    Love your Desigual coat! I get the same reaction with mine. :)

  6. no wonder, that coat is aceness! and the shoes too!

  7. Wow, those pants do go perfectly with your shoes. It's cool to see style bloggers wearing items gifted from friends - and the items getting an new life in The Great Circle of Clothes :)

  8. Oooh the new shoes! Gorgeous. I also love the coat. I'd probably flag you down to ask too. I wish it was that rainy here. I can sleep through even the rumbliest storms.

  9. I've seen a lot of Disigual clothing lately and some of the pieces, especially the coats are fabulously funky. The shoes are marvelous, love the colours and multiple straps.

  10. Your Desigual coat is amazing, and I love your new shoes! Your outfit is full of interesting colours and details. Moss is ok, quite pretty, mould not so much - wishing you some drier days and better-sleeping nights ahead.

  11. The trousers look great! I agree with Lynne, it's really nice to see successful re-gifting :-)

    Think this is a good anti-rain outfit too. It will not stop raining here either (UK). My roof is leaking and I got soaked walking to the train station today, despite being all cape-d up. All the trains were cancelled/delayed due to flooding so I have admitted defeat and am wfh.