Monday, October 22, 2012

I pull my shirt off and pray

Today was the last time I will wear this shirt.

Blouse: Club Monaco (last worn here)
Belt: All Saints (last worn here)
Skirt: Luna Luz from Crimson and Clover (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Presence | Impel (last worn here)

I had to throw this blouse out because it was ripped. I got it at Club Monaco last year on sale so I got a lot of use out of it for the price.

I'll have to try to find another cream blouse t replace this one.

This is the second wearing of this skirt that I got from Crimson and Clover. I like that it's so adjustable though I'm not sure what I would be like if I didn't tie up the ties that make it all bunchy at the bottom

Ok, that's it! Not much more to say. It was a regular Monday.


  1. This is a very dramatic farewell to your blouse. May it find peace in its next life and you find a good replacement!

  2. I am always on the search for the Perfect Cream Blouse (and the Perfect Red Pencil Skirt). That's a lovely blouse - quelle drag about the rip!

    That skirt is just fabulous.

  3. The skirt looks best all ruched up. So sorry about the blouse! I'm sure you'll find something equally as amazing to replace it.

  4. Aww, sad about the blouse, glad you got a lot of use out of it while you had it though. And darn it, you have to go shopping!

  5. Shame about that pretty blouse, but I am sure you will find a replacement. The whole look has a vaguely Victorian saloon girl sort of look about it. Which, in case you were wondering, is a Good Thing! xxx

  6. "RIP" ivory beauty.

    Amazing skirt, and I love the cheetah print Fluevogs, which could make even a Monday go faster.