Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This space left intentionally blank

As of tomorrow, I'm back to being the Acting Director at work. REIGN OF TERROR 2012 continues! BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

Really, I'm not a tyrant or mean or an evil boss. I try to be the boss I want to have.

Jacket: Jennifer Glasgow from The Workshop in Ottawa
Dress: Rosa Icelandic Design from Reykjavik (last worn here)
Tights: Also bought in Reykjavik
Boots: Fluevog Presence | Intuit (last worn here)

This outfit is a little more "boss" like, at least on the top. The bottom is more "party"or "happy fun times".

I undid one of the closures for this photo. Not sure if it was a good idea since this might look a little bit "maternity". 

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow which is good since I'm giving a presentation on Friday afternoon. I'll be all freshly coiffed and confident. I should probably decide what I'm going to wear for that.

The back has nice detailing too. Jennifer Glasgow is an independent designer from Montreal. I'd never heard of her before I went to The Workshop in Ottawa but since then I've drooled over a number of pieces on her website. Her liberal use of pockets is especially appealing.

All of these back photos make it look like I'm slouching but I can assure you that I'm standing up very straight.


  1. Being the kind of boss you would want to have yourself is a fine approach to managing people. And you certainly look the part - professional yet funky and oh-so-stylish! Great jacket, fantastic boots, and how I love love love those tights. Can't go to Reykjavik to get some though... I wish I could!
    Please can you show us what you wear for your presentation? xxxx

  2. Hands down, my one of my top favorite outfits of yours. I love the matchy, love your tights. I don't think you look slouchy at all.. Have fun being the boss again!

  3. Love your management philosophy, and your outfit!

  4. I love the colours of this outfit and you do not look slouchy at all. Enjoy being the boss.

  5. I love the cut of that jacket, and the patterned tights just take it over the edge!

    Congrats on the "acting" promotion! Rule them all with an iron fist! Muahahahah!

  6. Gorgeous! Each piece is amazing, and all together out of this world, wonderful colour combination and the tights!
    Best wishes for a successful REIGN OF TERROR!

  7. I love the "business feel" on top and the "party" on the bottom! It's a great balance!! Enjoy being the boss, I'm kind of the acting boss right now too while mine is out with knee surgery. I don't really enjoy it all that much though!

  8. Love the tights and how you have paired them with the red dress and the grey boots!

  9. ooh power! And you are packing a fashion punch, what a great combination.

  10. I dunno whether to congrats or exorcise

    You do look like a wickedly cool boss.