Monday, November 5, 2012

Drawing crazy patterns on your sheets.

I forgot to bring my camera to work today so I had to take these in my living room. It's completely dark here at 6pm now so the quality isn't very good. But you get the idea.

I'm wearing a lot of patterns today. Striped shoes, floral skirt, the hosiery has an argyle pattern, and my top has skeletons and moths printed on it. The cardigan is just a black cardigan but it is cable knit.

Cardigan: Part Two (from a local store)
Top: Smoking Lily (last worn here)
Skirt: Desigual (last worn here)
Shoes: Poetic License (last worn here)

(you can see Dougal peeking out under my skirt. So many inappropriate jokes could be made here.)

Here's Merlin. He hates being picked up. Hates it so much. Poor thing.  He loves me though. He likes to sit on my lap at night while I'm watching TV, especially when it turns cold, which it's doing now.

Tomorrow I should be back taking my photos in front of the grey door.


  1. I love your spearmint shoes! And your adorable kitties.

    Spike, our big orange-y one, doesn't like being picked up. Well, only if I 'dance' him around. It was the only way he liked being held as a kitten, kind of bounced like a baby.

  2. This was actually a neat background - I feel like I'm snooping around in your house. Plus, bonus! Kitty pictures!

    Our old black kitty, Othello, hated being picked up. I always do it with the cats anyway, I give them a big hug, kiss them all over and declare, "My kitty loves me!" It's kinda weird.

    It's dark here now and it's 5:45. *sigh*

    Love all the patterns and textures! I want to steal your shoes...

  3. Haha, look at Dougal! So cute! One of my cats cries piteously if I pick him up, big baby.
    Love that green silky top, and green stripy shoes, fabulous.
    I have a very similar chest to yours (insert your own joke here...) I mean the wooden one on the right.
    Photos in winter will be a challenge, what will I do when it's pouring or snowing and the garden is a quagmire? xxx

  4. I like all the patterns you're wearing! Especially the shoes!

    One of my kitties likes to be picked up and the other one really doesn't, but she will sit with you.

  5. Hi Megan! I wanted to say how happy I am that I have discovered your blog! You have such great style - funky, funny, original and stylish! I had been reading other 'fashion' blogs, but felt everyone was just trying to look 'cute' and girly. And most were a bit too young for me...You have re-ignited my quest for a personal style, and made me want to look a bit more stylish each day. And I LOVE all your shoes!! Anyway, sorry for the creepy message. Just wanted to say it's nice to have found someone your own age, who also doesn't have children, but who has very inspirational style. ~ Sara

    1. Thanks Sara! Not creepy at all. Glad you like my blog!

  6. I adore your shoes, but must admit that your kitty photo bomber makes me giggle.

    Sasha Jane tolerates being picked up, but she'd rather sit in your lap, especially if that lap is sitting in the loo :/ And let's not talk about her toothpaste obsession.

  7. Genius styling with the shoes. I love everything here. Why is it that it's okay for cats to just take what they want when they want but not humans - well, to a degree at least. Merlin is wonderful.

  8. Aww, hi kitties! I wouldn't be able to resist the cuddling-temptation either. Gorgeous emerald top, and great pattern mix(es)!