Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Itchy and Scratchy

Sorry for no post yesterday. I forgot my camera and by the time I got home it was dark. I've lived in Canada all my life yet every November people seem confused when it gets cold and when it's dark at 5pm. It really shouldn't take us by surprise but it does. Every year.

I didn't start of planning to wear this outfit. Seems like every day I say "I planned to wear something else but ended up wearing this". In hindsight this dress was a poor choice. Wooly fabric + healing tattoo = intense ITCH! It drove me mad all day.

Cardigan: Pretty Things Boutique (worn a zillion times)
Dress: Papillon (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Presence | Impel (last worn here)

The bag is a gift from my coworker who just got back from a work trip to Ireland, Scotland and England. She also bought me a brooch that's a little wooly sheep. She knows me so well.

I was caught taking this photo by the cranky IT guy. No, he didn't even crack a smile.

I was looking back at previous entries and I think that my hair is starting to look really good. I think the layers have mostly grown out so it looks fuller or thicker or something. Not sure how much longer I'd like it to be. Something to ponder for the new year.

Here's another picture of the tattoo. The colour isn't very good here but it gives a better idea of the size and where it is on my body.



  1. Oh its beautiful - I love it. For someone who was itchy and scratchy in the wooly dress I think you look great.

  2. Those shoes are an excellent pairing with that dress. Sorry about the itchy! I dealt with non-tattoo related itchiness today. Your tat is so so gorgeous. It's a great piece in contrast to your other ones.

    The bag is too cute! I've been thinking about making some of my shoe dustbags into totes lately.

  3. Ah, I hate that itchiness when a tattoo starts to heal! That is so lovely, and you are so badass for getting it there! I couldn't take the pain.

    Loving your hair a little longer - it really suits your face.

    I know...stupid seasons! It's like we keep hoping it'll stay bright and warm and sunny all year.

  4. I did not know healing tatoos itched. As we say here in the ol' southern USA, bless your heart! I hope it heals quickly.

    I agree with Sheila. Your longer hair length is very pretty and suits you.

    Great dress - can't believe the IT guy didn't brighten up at the sight of you with that perfect bag :)

  5. I like the tattoo.
    and this polka dots cardigan:)

  6. Such a cute tote!! And so very true!!

    Hope the itchyness of the tattoo goes away soon!

  7. Ace tattoo! Hope it stops itching soon!

  8. I love your tatto! It;s beautiful! Kisses x x x x x

  9. Your tattoo's size and placement are lovely. You are so cute with your new bag and beautiful hair, how could a person not smile coming across this photo shoot? Hope that by now the itching is a distant memory; I love the variation in density of the dress' pattern on both hem and sleeves.