Thursday, November 22, 2012


Sorry about the disappearance. I was away for work and busy. I'm way behind on reading everyone's blogs too. I hope to get caught up this weekend. Might give me something to do when I'm getting my new tattoo this Saturday! WHOOO!

Lots of changes are afoot at work so I'm a little stressed. And when I'm stressed I procrastinate which makes me even more stressed. Vicious circle.

Jacket: Lilith (last worn here)
Shirt: Reitmans or Smart Set
Skants: Melow par Melissa Bolduc from the Workshop (last worn here)
Hosiery: Sock Dreams (last worn here)
Boots: Cydwoq

Lots of layers going on here.

Does spray starch still exist? I have to do something to fix this collar. I've ironed the hell out of it but it won't stay flat. Kinda drove me nuts all day.

True confessions? I couldn't wear these boots for very long. They close with elastic loops at the back and they are quite tight. I think I've finally come to terms with the fact that these boots and I are not meant to be. I'll probably be consigning them so that someone with skinnier calves can enjoy them. Makes me sad as hell though. *weeps*

Glad to be back!


  1. Those are sweet boots - I wish we were the same size!

    Love the jacket - I think they do still make spray starch.

    Welcome back!

  2. Spray starch exists! My MIL uses it for the theater costumes she makes sometimes. Love the layers here. So sorry about the boots. Cydwoq really makes slim calves. They're the only brand that EVER fits my calves with just tights or bare legs, and I have 11 inch calves. If didn't already know we didn't wear the same size, I'd offer to buy those off you. They're gorgeous. Hopefully someone else will love them more.

  3. Too bad about the boots... I love this look. I know all about that vicious circle.

  4. MEGAN - Do not consign - take them to a cobbler and have them fixed!

  5. Why not get longer elastic l loops? At least for top ones

  6. I love this, Megan. All the angles and proportions are really cool, and the skants are one of my favourites of your garments! Sorry about the stress and the boots. All the best with your tattoo - look forward to seeing it!

  7. Thudding the suggestion that you get your cobbler to make longer loops!

  8. I'm new to your blog. 1. Get the elastics made longer those boots are too cute to give up
    2. love your hair
    3. love the layers in this look