Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Feel the heat, pushing you to decide

Oh dear. I think this outfit is pushing the envelope a little bit. This is a little more "night at the disco" than "working in the office". But...not sure I'm too concerned since I spent the day in my office alone or on conference calls. No one saw me other than my coworkers. And now, all of you.

Dress: Emily Ryan on etsy
Belt: Noujica from The Workshop in Ottawa (last worn here)
Tights: Emilio Cavallini from Peek Brooklyn
Shoes: J. Crew (last worn here)

My favourite parts of this dress are the cut outs at the collar bone.

And these tights are so awesome. You can wear them with the pattern up the front or down the back. Because the dress is longer at the back, I put the pattern at the front.

I'm not sure about the "mullet" style but it's a very comfortable dress. I can see me wearing the hell out of this. Totally worth the cost.

This would be a great fancy party dress. Now, I just need to get invited to a party where this would be appropriate.

Next time I wear this to work I'll probably dress it down to be less provocative.


  1. LOVE this outfit! Total Winner.

    Of course, my outfit today is reminiscent of the 80s hair metal bands I love(d) so much, so I might be biased in favor of edgy today...

  2. Helloooo, purty lady, I can tell you ain't from 'round these parts, says your American office-constrained friend. Well, first, you made my mouth drop open with your very sexy sleek self, but I dunno if the average office worker could survive that much fierceness just 'round the water cooler...lol. I agree you are perfectly dressed for special events and parties to remember and possibly even the red carpet, and would be interested in what you think takes this outfit a little OTT for work and what you will change for future work outings, if anything.

    But you totally made my evening :)

  3. Oh, wow, this is one of my favourite outfits of yours, Megan! I love the cutouts at the neckline, the high-low skirt part, the belt, the tights! So sweet.

  4. Megan, you are definitely the office Femme Fatale in this gorgeous outfit! You could definitely make that dress more casual with tights, boots and a jacket, but it looks pretty effing awesome the way it is!

  5. That dress is totally gorgeous. You are rocking it. The tights may be a bit risque for the office, but hey, no one needs to look beneath your desk. ;)

  6. What makes it inappropriate for work? I don't know much about office environments, it's true, but it doesn't seem outrageous to me, you're not flashing loads of boob, it's not really short or tight or sparkly. It IS, however, cool and stylish and funky, and surely you can do your job and be all those things at the me time?! I like the cut outs too, and the tights are fab! xxxx

  7. Nice!!! I am totally in favour of wearing party clothes to work. Anything to uplift paperwork.

    Rockin' outfit - I really like your belt with it.

  8. Gorgeous dress! I do like those tights, I don't know if I could pull them off, but they look great on you!

  9. Hi Megan!

    First to answer your question - the orange, green yellow cardi was not Benetton -
    Really gorgeous dress you got there and the tights are too cool
    One day i will have to feature you on my blog- would you agree?

    Let me know via my e-mail

    Ariane xxxxx

  10. Love those tights! Outfit is great:)