Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In my plaid dress and burgundy shoes

I don't think I've worn this skirt on the blog before. I bought it in Lisbon in 2008 and haven't worn it very much. I should change that since it's kinda pretty.

Blouse: Vero Moda (last worn here)
Skirt: from Lisbon, Portugal
Shoes: Fluevog Writes | Simone

I'm Acting Director again at work. My coworker has left to go on 6 months parental leave to be a stay at home dad to his infant son. Tomorrow I have an interview to be the Temporary Director and fill the position for the duration of his absence. Upon reflection, this might have been a good interview outfit. I'll have to think of something else to wow the panel tomorrow.

These shoes are so comfortable. I really should wear them more frequently than once ever 6 months but they don't exactly match a lot of my wardrobe.

This skirt is quite full and swingy which is what drew me to it in the first place. I loves me a full skirt.  Pretty.

Wish me luck tomorrow!


  1. Good luck tomorrow and thanks for your pics and 10 facts - i know not easy to do but you did well!
    I will let you know when i do the feature

    Ariane xxx

  2. I LOVE those shoes! You must wear them more than twice a year, you must! Great skirt too.
    Good luck with your interview, I am sure you will find the right outfit, and impress the panel with your fabulousness. xxx

  3. Ha, I posted a link to Patti Griffin's "Burgundy Shoes" just a couple of days ago - now I have it in my head again.

    Good luck on your interview! I know you'll get it. Those are awesome shoes - they were one of the pairs that my Winesday women voted on as my birthday gift (I got the Ayers ones instead).

    Love that skirt!

  4. Such a beautiful skirt for sure - love the second pic. I look forward to seeing what more you do with these lovely shoes! Also to tomorrow's outfit. :)

    No worries with the panel, that's for sure - your time and experience in the position already prepares you. Will think good thoughts your way in any case.

  5. Woo! That skirt is so much full. I love a full skirt, especially one with interesting details and fabulous colors.

    The shoes are a gorgeous color. I picked up a pair of wine-ish color trippens from Ped that I'm not really sure what they'll go with, but I'm working on seeing how much I can pair them with. It's not my strongest color, and I wound up reselling my burgundy Vera Ellens because I never knew what to wear them with.

  6. Awesome twirl-worthy skirt. Good luck tomorrow! You will dazzle with your brain and your style.

  7. It's an amazing skirt, you should wear it more often! Hope the interview goes well!!

  8. Oh my -- those shoes! Sadly, the olive in a 5.5 is not to be found. :-(

  9. "My coworker has left to go on 6 months parental leave to be a stay at home dad to his infant son." O Canada! (Speaking from the U.S.) Also: love the shoes!

  10. Best wishes on your meeting with the panel tomorrow. Clearly, you're a success at your job, and I have no doubt you'll wow them. Can't wait to see what shoes you wear ;P

  11. The father gets six months leave WoW I had no idea Canada was so generous. When I had my babies I had six weeks leave with no pay and had to use up my sick leave for two years... My grandparents should have never left Canada for the US.... Love the skirt. Why would you have to interview for the position when they already left you as acting director. Is it a technicality??