Friday, December 14, 2012

Lacy Skull Skirt

Yet another thing I bought a while ago that fits now. I'm very excited about this item! I had seen this skirt on another fashion/outfit blog and searched all over the interwebz for it. I finally found it on ebay from a Korean seller and I bought it in black and white.

When it arrived, it was sausage casing city. Now, it fits quite well.

Shirt: Joe Fresh
Skirt: via eBay
Shoes: Steve Madden (last worn here)

My coworker called me Lady in Black today. I thought "but I've worn a lot of black lately" but looking back through the blog, I've worn a lot more colour than I originally thought.

The skirt doesn't look like much here. I had to really blow out the exposure to get the pattern to show up well.

Skulls! Skulls made of lace! No one even noticed. They noticed the skulls on my shoes but not the skirt until I pointed it out. Even then, no one seemed to think that was out of the ordinary. I'm going to have to up my game if I'm going to shock my coworkers.

And thus endeth the work week. Next week I'm only working 3 days. Whoot!


  1. Very cool, I can honestly say I've never seen a skull lace pattern:)

  2. Oh how cool! I saw that same skirt (in white) and went OMG WANT. I assumed it was probably from some big name designer I couldn't afford. Kudos to hunting it down. I love the edges of the skirt. It totally works with your style.

  3. What an amazing skirt! I just love it.

  4. Right on! Loving the back keyhole and striped tights also. I appreciate too how blogging can verify or correct the "I think I've worn x a lot" impressions.

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  6. Amazing skirt. Isn't it wonderful when your clothes start fitting you better :)

  7. That skirt is amazing! Subtle, but oh-so cool!

  8. I believe I shall have to hunt high and low for that skirt. Lovely.