Thursday, December 13, 2012

New and Improved

The last time I wore this dress it was a bit longer. Last night I shortened it by about 6".

Dress: Mode Merr via Pretty Things Boutique (last worn here)
Shirt: Spaksmannsspjarir in Reykjavik
Shoes: Fluevog Wonders | Ayers (last worn here)

The last time I wore this I even commented that I didn't think this length was very flattering.  I'm much happier with it now.

I'm not the greatest at altering and sewing but this turned out ok. While I was shortening it I should have take it in on each side about an inch since it's a little baggy at the hips now.

I wore the sheer shirt underneath the dress for added warmth and to cover my ink.

Today was my office's annual holiday potluck. I was a loser and  didn't bring anything but I still went and ate. There was a tonne of food so I didn't feel to bad about mooching off everyone else.

I'm going to miss our other holiday dinner because I'll be on vacation. Probably a good thing because today I read something that said that the average Christmas meal consists of about 4000 calories. Not sure I believe that but this is definitely prime time for weight gain.

How do you keep from eating everything in sight this time of year?


  1. Oh, god, this time of year kills me! We do this topic to death at WW. Tips:
    - eat normally throughout the day; don't starve yourself before the big dinner
    - wear something tight so that you become aware of when you're full; no stretchy waists!
    - go for a walk before dinner, go for a walk after dinner
    - to avoid eating all those plates of goodies left around all over during the day, work on something that keeps your hands busy (knitting, DoodleArt, phone games, etc.)
    - don't drink until dinner. Hydrate all day, then enjoy some drinks. I find this one hard - social situations are difficult for me so I like a little lubricant, as it were.

    Good luck!

    Now, the outfit! I love the new length on this - shows off your gorgeous gams perfectly. I like how you've layered the tops.

  2. I think the dress turned out perfectly cute! I love those tights with that dress.

    As for food and holidays? Watch your portion sizes. I usually only eat the foods I actually want, it means reminding my mom she doesn't need to cook for 40 people when there may only be 3-4 of us. Keep an eye on your regular meals when not partying.

    Keep healthy snacks handy to keep from noshing on all the cookies and candy and cakes. I recommend clementines as they are super delicious this time of year, plus nuts, small squares of dark chocolate, tasty hot tea, hummus, etc!

    If you really want to keep your weight in check - catch the flu. I promise you won't want real food for at least a week. ;P

  3. Love the dress at this new length, especially with those great tights and shoes.
    Am I going to sound completely out of step if I say I don't really fret about food at Christmas? It's nice to overindulge! It's a finite period, it doesn't last, I like a drink and great food and enjoying without any guilt or anxiety. xxxx

  4. I like what you did with the dress! Very cute!

    It's hard not to overindulge. Usually if it's an option, I pick the smaller plate so I'm less tempted to load up. Then I take smaller amounts or less of what's available. At least at potlucks anyway!

  5. Nice hemming job! You did it.

    As for food, I would eat some of everything - except that right now I'm off wheat and alcohol. Do you realize how little that leaves me that's edible? Especially since I'm not at all fond of Brussels sprouts. (Why doesn't anyone serve them raw with dip?) At least I can still eat nuts and chocolate! And looking forward to turkey. Yum.

  6. Excellent pattern mix, and nicely done taking on the alteration!
    Like Curtise, I enjoy the heck out of the event but immediately resume healthier routines.