Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Comma comma comma comma comma chameleon

Not sure if I've mentioned on here that I'm Acting Director again for a few weeks, or potentially for 6 months depending on the outcome of an interview I had before Christmas. Because of that I had a very busy day today. So busy that apparently I couldn't even brush my hair before taking these photos.

I had run out at lunch to do some errands so I have windblown/hat head here.

Dress: Makenew (last worn here)
Belt: Noujica (last worn here)
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins (last worn here)

I think I need to have about an inch cut off the length of my hair. It's starting to look a little limp.

I was wearing a jacket with this dress but the photo I took with it on was pretty terrible so just use your imagination.

I dubbed this dress my "punctuation dress" when I wore it the first time. Seems pretty accurate.

Sorry about not having much to say. Hopefully tomorrow will be more interesting.



  1. Your dress is fabulous. I think you have a great handle on how to dress yourself to best advantage.

  2. I like the strong shoulder line on the dress - it suits your body. I had a crazy day today too - I'm glad I took pictures this morning!

  3. Oh, ditto Sheila, such an elegant shape. And your jacket in my imagination is grand!

  4. Okay, I'm out of words too, but your commas are enough!

  5. What a lovely dress, a unique take on classic! It drapes beautifully.

  6. Love the dress, it has a bit of an 80s feel to it, and suits you perfectly. I hope the jacket had little shoulder pads! xxx

  7. It's a great dress!!

    And I hear you on acting director, my boss had to unexpectedly go out this week so I'm "acting director" until she gets back.

  8. Pretty dress: it has a nice shape to it. And the belt is a nice addition.

    I know four Megans; it's a popular name. I need to be able to tell you guys apart. Maybe I can call you "The Megan With Cute Hair." Would that work?

  9. I love this dress! You look beautiful! kisses x x x x x x x

  10. That dress is fabulous! I love the gathered shoulder shape.

    Congrats on being the boss for a bit!