Monday, January 7, 2013

It's a wrap

I'm working on cleaning up my house and divesting myself of some things to try and get organized and I found this dress in a bag of things that I was planning to give away. I pulled it out and ironed it and decided to give it another try. I think I remember why I was planning to remove it from my wardrobe.

Dress: American Apparel
Cami: Tristan
Necklace: from a store in San Francisco
Boots: Cydwoq (last worn here)

I have a long torso so I tend to have difficulty with wrap dresses. The tie never sits on my waist. Here its lying on my ribcage. I kept pulling at the dress all day trying to get comfortable and to have it lay flat.

You'd think that a dress made out of cotton "sweatsuit" material would be the most comfortable dress ever but it's not. I'm putting it back in the donation bag.

As you can see, I have kept these boots. I was actually able to wear them almost all day today. I think it helped that these tights are a little thicker than others I've worn with these boots. Seems to have given a little extra protection from the elastics.

So this outfit was a bit of a bust. Hopefully I'll recover tomorrow.


  1. I love the boots! Though, knowing me, I'd probably forget the open backs and walk through a snowbank in them. Sometimes I wish I lived in a more urban area. Like when I look outside at 3 feet of snow...

  2. The boots are very cool, definitely keepers, but the dress is just kind of blah, and not really worthy of hanging out with the other many awesome dresses in your closet.

  3. I hate true wrap dresses because they absolutely never lay right. I have an All Saints one that barely fits right, because I altered it myself. Although I am really glad the Cydwoqs are working for you. I love those so much. I have to wear thicker socks with some of mine, sometimes you just gotta have a little something in between your skin and funky shoe designs.

  4. You have so many other beautiful dresses, that it seems a shame to wear this decidedly "blah" one. Chuck it!

    I love the boots - could you replace the elastic with laces to make them more comfy?

  5. I think wrap dresses, despite appearing on all those dreadful must-have lists, are virtually impossible to wear! They gape, come open, flash too much, don't sit right, and generally have you fussing and fidgeting with them all day. NO! Walk away from the wrap dress, Megan! It looks nice enough in the pics but I agree with the others, you have many other fabulous frocks which are more comfortable to wear and more interesting to look at.
    Glad the boots can be salvaged! xxx

  6. Great that the boots may work after all. Echoing Curtise, you always look lovely, but if it's not fun or at very least comfortable, out it goes!

  7. I like the dress. Of course, I need to mention that I own it in the olive green color. The boots are fantastic.

  8. I've never found (or made) a comfortable wrap top or dress. I gave up on that style a long time ago, fashionable or not! Obviously your first instinct to ditch it was correct. Or you could send it to Gina there...