Saturday, February 23, 2013

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery

Sometimes I'll see something on another blog and I get really excited and all of a sudden I've bought something I wouldn't normally have purchased.

Case in point. Forest City Fashionista made this post. It reminded me of going to the Public Library on Saturdays to watch movies. That's where I saw the Pippi Longstocking  and the HR Pufnstuf movies, both which made a lasting imprint in my brain.

So I too wanted to Embrace my Inner Pippi Longstocking.

Excuse the hair. I was just napping.

T-shirt: Carousel Ink on etsy
Skirt: Reitmans
Tights: Carousel Ink
Boots: Fluevog Radios | BBC (last worn here)

To be truthful, I wear these boots a lot, just not to work I guess.

So when I bought the tights I also bought this t-shirt. Whenever I buy something I usually end up buying two things. I like even numbers.

Showing you my inner Pippi. I wore these to work yesterday but I wore them with my American Apparel wrap dress and my Fly London booties.

The back of the t-shirt is my favourite part. Not sure if Pippi would have worn a corset. In fact, I'm sure she wouldn't.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


  1. Your t-shirt is adorable! And I love love your tights! Kisses x x x x

  2. I love that shirt and those tights! I'm going to have to look at Carousel Ink, too.

    Shelley has an excuse not to do the Pippi pigtails, but maybe you could work on that for the next time you wear these. :o)

  3. What a fun t-shirt! I do love a corset, I admit. The tights are fantastic! So, so cool.

  4. Love the tee! And the tights too. What an incredible etsy. I just went and added too many things to my favorites list.

  5. love that Pippi inspiration!, and love your tights and fabulous t-shirt, really lovely!!

  6. You did Pippi Longstocking justice! Nicely done!

  7. Ooh, trompe l'oeil! Very nice. And I like getting to see your home!

  8. I want one of those corset t-shirts so much! I first saw Desiree's on her blog (Pull Your Socks Up!) and then the tights on Shelley's blog, they are just fabulous. You are rocking the Pippi Longstocking look, Megan! xxxx

  9. Yay - Here's to embracing your inner Pippi!!! I have worn my tights quite a few times, most recently this weekend. I would love one of the t-shirts as well. I think that an adult Pippi might wear a corset for fun. I'm so glad we are giving the charming woman at Carousel Ink more business. I really like the tree-printed leggings that she's added recently.

  10. You look great!! I totally get inspo from other bloggers, too. I saw that same original Pippi post on Forest City and I didn't buy the stockings, but I did check out the book from the library and read it to my 5 year old! It made me remember the story from when I was little :)
    You look great and those stockings are so sweet,
    Becky :)