Friday, February 15, 2013

Stripey goodness

Today was my last day as "interim Acting Director" so I dressed the part. Oh no, I didn't.

Cardigan: Pretty Things Boutique
Dress: anthropologie
Belt: Le Chateau
Tights: Hue
Boots: Fluevog Radios | ARD (last worn here)

Last time I wore these tights was with almost the exact same outfit. Only difference is the dress. I wanted to wear the orange eShakti dress but it really needs to be ironed so I threw on this thing.

Not really feeling this.

Good enough for a Friday!

Have a good weekend everyone. In most parts of Canada, Monday is a holiday but not here. Poop!


  1. Awesome tights! Hope you do have a good weekend, even if it's short. I think it's a holiday here, but we've still got school. Boo..

  2. Stripey hosiery goodness! No holiday for me either, will need to make the most of the weekend...

  3. The dresses care definitely getting shorter, Megan, woo hoo!
    Love the tights and the boots, the outfit is certainly Friday-worthy.
    Enjoy your weekend! xxxx

  4. Replies
    1. Love how you dress and the fact that you like the Neon Trees, Duran Duran and The White Stripes!

  5. Definitely a good Friday dress. That sucks that you don't get Monday off - I know by this time of the year I need a holiday!