Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The 300


Wearing a shirt with shoes with spats on them, to be exact. (ok, that was really lame. Don't blame a girl for trying to be creative.)

But seriously, could there BE a more perfect shirt motif for me? I think not.

Shirt: Love Charles Vintage on etsy
Dress: Ballerina Cut-out dress (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Miracle | Meera  (last worn here)

Since this is my 300th post, I thought I'd wear my favourite new shirt, my favourite dress, and these shoes that I haven't worn in almost a year.

I wish I had some "spatty" type shoes that would match this outfit. I must keep my eyes open for some red buttony boots.

300 posts is no where as exciting as Sheila's 1400 but I'm pretty thrilled that I've lasted this long blogging.

Here's to another 300. Thanks everyone for your positive feedback and support!


  1. I've been waiting for this post! The shirt looks so incredible on you, you styled it in a modern and cool way.
    A million thumbs up.

  2. Incredibly fun print, love it! i have so much visiting your site, here's to another 300 :)

  3. That is a wonderful outfit to celebrate 300 posts (which is definitely worth celebrating - congratulations!)

  4. Congratulations, Megan! I'm also thrilled that you're still chugging along and being one with the blogoverse. :)

    Great shirt - you totally need some spats to wear with it, but the Miracles are pretty darned special.

  5. Wow, that shirt may be my fave of yours. Beautiful! Will check out the Etsy store. But the last think I bought was a vintage mink poodle pin, inspired by the mink brooch of the blogger right above me :)

    Congrats! You have one the best style blogs out there.

  6. Totally cute, and totally *you*! I love the layered dress as a hi/lo skirt. 300 is a pretty big deal too, and you technically blogged prior to blogspot, I remember stumbling on your flickr before you posted here.

  7. Happy 300! That's awesome!! I love the shirt, it's too fun!

  8. Wow, 300, well done. Keep up the awesome work please. I agree you need spats to wear with this - my favourite footwear...

  9. A great print, a fabulous dress, and beautiful shoes - the perfect way to celebrate your 300th post, Megan!
    See? Things are looking up already! xxxxx

  10. You always look awesome, and that shirt is amazing!

  11. I love those shoes. I thought the Spartan/Spats pun was cute. You conjured a mental image of Gerard Butler for me, and for that, I am most thankful!

  12. Congratulations on 300 posts, well done! Your new shirt is fabulously gorgeous, as is everything you've got on.