Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Hardest Button to Button

I've recently found myself car-less. Wha-wha-wha....yes I know this is 100% a first world problem, but I'm finding it hard to adjust. I'm committed to giving living without a car at least a month before I even consider whether I should get a new car. The telling point will be the first time I go grocery shopping. Keep me in your thoughts.

Luckily I'm cute as hell!

Cardigan: from Zellers
Dress: Joe Fresh (last worn here)
Belt: Le Chateau
Boots: Anthropologie (last worn here)

Last time I wore this dress with burgundy accessories, going outside my comfort zone. Today I just stuck with the black, green and yellow motif.

Today was one of those days where people were really trying my patience. Luckily I have good coworkers and friends who can talk me down when I'm contemplating jumping off the building.

And with that, let's turn out back on this perfectly frustrating day.


  1. I loooove those boots, but then again I like all your footwear. When I lived in Toronto, I sold my car but Seattle is a less bus-friendly city. Or maybe I'm getting old and grumpy. I do enjoy walking. Oh, take a backpack to the grocery store--your arms will thank you :) Hope your day improves - thankfully you have great coworkers!

  2. Fantastic outfit. Love it more without cardigan. Boots are amazing

  3. I've never had my license, much less a car. Go to a grocery store that delivers! It's awesome! I walk 10 minutes to my store, do all my shopping in person by 2pm (so I can go for brunch before or after, or do a little shopping for me) and be home by 4pm when they start delivering. It's great! And it's free!

    Now, the outfit - I love the boots. Holy smokes, those are crazy cool. I never see boots like that here. They work nicely with the graphic motif on the dress.

    Only 2 days to go! You can do it, Megan!

  4. You ARE cute! I bet you wouldn't have to walk for long before someone offered a lift :)

    I had a cart with wheels that I took to the grocery store when I was a single mum with one infant and no car. When we were in NYC, tons of peeps had those cool canvas covered rolling totes they took for shopping. When we move there, I'm definitely getting one! I can't wait to be car-less :o

  5. We are a car free household and manage kids, shopping, and life in general just fine - give it a go!
    Still loving the print on that dress and the boots are amazing!
    Oh people can be so irritating... Apart from us, of course, not us! xxx

  6. Car, schmar, you super-cute lady! Love those boots and your grommety-ness. All best with your wheels-free experimentation.

  7. Don't get another car! Another non-driving person here. Just have decent bags to carry food shopping home in, (or like Sheila suggested, get it delivered). I like walking though, and in my city, it gets very gridlocked so you often can out-walk the cars.

    Geometric-loveliness, your dress x

  8. Love this outfit, the pattern on the dress is amazing.