Wednesday, February 6, 2013

There's a fox on my ass

Today was one of those days that starts off ok but things keep going wrong and piling on and on until you just give up. The straw that broke the camel's back was watching my car get a parking ticket while I was sitting in my office. That's when I packed it in and left for the day. I'll be going out for dinner with a friend so things are already improving!

But can one truly have a bad day when you're dressed in red?

Top: Annie 50 (last worn here)
Skirt: Anthopologie (last worn here, almost a year ago!)
Shoes: Fluevog Hope | Promise (last worn here)

I can't believe it's been so long since I've worn both this skirt and these shoes. Maybe I need to subscribe to Sheila's new philosophy of wearing new things 3 times in a week in order to decide whether they are worth keeping.

I'm not sure these shoes are really my style anymore. They feel a little juvenile. But they're cute and comfortable so I don't really want to give them up.

Here's my bling. The beaver pin and the glass ring were in a package from Sheila that I received yesterday. It was a wonderful, happy making surprise!  Thank you so much my dear West Coast friend. I kept showing everyone my beaver all day. ;)

The necklace I bought in San Francisco a few years ago. So I was wearing a beaver and a pu$$y. (I'm going to regret typing that.)

And fox on my derriere!

Tomorrow I'm in a retreat all day so I'm not sure if I'm going to get any photos. I'll sure try!


  1. I love foxes - I love this skirt! Love the bling too - especially the scat cat!

  2. You have wonderful bling! I hope your day continues to improve.

  3. You are so funny! My name means "meadow where the beaver dwells," and I collect little beaver things. I get snide remarks all the time!

  4. Ah no! Sorry about the rough day. At least you had an outfit full of cute critters to keep the day sunny. That skirt is gaw-jous! Needs to be brought out to play more.

  5. I like the colour palette of this outfit, lovely!

  6. This is such a nice soft shade of red - I love the skirt! Oh, I'm glad the package arrived! Hee, I picked the beaver for you because I knew you would enjoy the joke. :)

    I do recommend at least trying the 3 times in one week trick for anything you're not really sure of - it works great! Thank you for the link, Megan!

  7. Golly, lady, you're wearing the entire Wild I'm not being critical. I'm a bit insane for vintage dog and cat pins right now. This is such a great red. I am madly in love with your shoes! What size are we? :D Actually, I'd suggest trying different laces with them.

  8. I love the skirt and also the shoes!

  9. Lovely outfit! The shoes are really great, I don't think they look juvenile. Maybe you could get new laces to change them up a bit (I'm imagining darker, velvet, maybe coloured) - the white seems to add a little sportiness which may be the element which seems less 'you'.

  10. The shoes are lovely.
    I understand what you mean though... lately I've been struggling with bows on my hair- do they still suit me or just make me look like a crazy lady? lol