Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday, Wednesday, break my heart

I was feeling under the weather yesterday so I didn't go to work. I was better today so off I went. For the record, I didn't get that job for which I was interviewed a few weeks ago. Oh well. I guess I'm to sexy for that job.

I was going to comment that I've been wearing a lot of black lately but looking back at my posts, apparently I haven't been.

Blouse: anthropologie
Skants: Melow par Melissa Bolduc (last worn here)
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Fluevog Presence | Impel

However, I did wear these shoes on Friday. Whoops! I don't think I've ever repeated footwear so quickly. Obviously I need to refer to my blog before getting dressed in the morning.

I wore these pants because it was -19C with the wind chill today and I wanted the added warmth. It was a good thing to since there was no heat in my office for most of the day. I finally clued in that my baseboard heaters were stone cold and complained to the building and they were fixed in 15 minutes. It pays to complain.

This photo is kinda blurry so I'll keep it small.

I'm coming up on 300 posts. It will either be on Friday or Monday since I have Friday off and may not post. I'd like to say that I've got something special planned but I really don't. Maybe I'll think of something fun between now and then.

Tomorrow I get to go to the hospital to get cortisone injected into my sinuses. I've had this done a few times before and it's LOADS OF FUN. Wish me luck.


  1. I am so mega into this skant concept. I like how the grey and the black play off each other in this outfit - even though it is dark (which I love), there is texture making it interesting.

    Sorry to hear about the job AND the cold! Good luck from a fellow sinus sufferer.

    (This is Marianne from the article, by the way. Hello!)

  2. These skantz are one of my favorite pieces you wear. Wishing you lots of luck with the injections. Hospitals are no fun, but feeling better is a good thing.

  3. Love the various layers you've got going on here. Glad you're feeling better, but am sorry about the job. You are obviously too sexy for it!

  4. Crud on the job and SUPER-FUN sinus injections, but yay for Skants, speaking up, 300 posts, and being too sexy! Whoo! Or, you know, mostly Whoo! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, very very best luck dear Megan.

  5. I love the skants with the slants! Glad you got the heat working after a rant. Three hundred posts, I hope with little cant. And injections in your sinuses, what a bugger! There's no way to rhyme with that. But by Friday you're in love!

  6. Sorry to hear about the job, and the sinus injections (another fellow sufferer here). On the plus side, your assertiveness was repaid with warmth, you have been a successful blogger for nearly 300 posts, and you rock the skants! Would a short short version be called skantIes?
    Loving all the layers and the cool shoes. xxxx