Thursday, March 14, 2013

And your telephone's been ringing while you're dancing in the rain

Today I went out for lunch with two women with whom I work. Walking through the mall, I was definitely the most colourful person in this bright orange dress. I'm trying very hard to believe spring is coming.

I bought this strapless dress from a few months ago, in the dead of winter. I've wanted to wear it so I took a cue from Sheila and wore a blouse underneath

Blouse: Vero Moda (last worn here)
Shoes: Desigual (last worn here)

I tried on 4 pairs of shoes this morning before deciding to wear these ones. Good choice?

The dress came with a blue tie for the waist so blue shoes would also be a good choice.

I think this actually works! I'd wear this again. Not sure when since most of my wardrobe is going into storage until I find a place to live in Toronto. How will I survive living out of two suitcases for 4-6 weeks?

I bought this pin from Vitamin G before I bought the dress. It was kismet! 


  1. You need to have a capsule wardrobe, M! But maybe a riot of prints and colour capsule... And lots of shoes.

    Are you clearing out any stuff beforehand, or sorting it when you get there?

  2. Adorable print! And the layering is awesome. I love how you manage to find the most perfectly matching things ever.

  3. Good choice! I'm also a huge fan of that particular Sheila-inspiration. I like how the old-timey blouse goes with the old-timey telephones. 4-6 weeks is a while! Part of me would want to super-capsule it and make sure everything goes with everything else, but another part would just want to bring one outfit and all of the shoes. :)

  4. I hugely LOVE this outfit! The shoes are perfect with it, as is the blouse. I would do a belt, but that's just me (a baby blue belt with rocker studs could be fun). What a great print on the dress!

    You totally need to build a capsule! It's fun!

  5. Two suitcases for 4 to 6 weeks? Gaaa! Could you not ship out a couple more, even by Greyhound, which is inexpensive... You would need two just for your shoes. Regardless, you look Smashing in Pumpkin. Perfect footwear.

  6. Fabulous outfit, Megan, love orange, love the print, love the shoes!
    Ooh, 2 suitcases? 4-6 weeks? That will be a challenge - good luck! xxx

  7. Hi. I have been following your blog for a few months now. I have to say, I LOVE the print of this dress. The pin is wonderful as well. My father worked for the local phone company for 40+ years so I have a particular affection for telephones. Congrats on your move. I hope you enjoy your new city and job. Can't wait to see the next outfit.

  8. How cool! The dress, the layering, the shoes - and when I saw the heel of the shoe and the colors, OMG - they are fabulous! Great outfit!

  9. It's a great outfit - yes, spring is definitely around the corner!

    I have a friend who is always very put together. She starts her day by selecting the shoes first and build from there. Go figure.

  10. OOoh, two suitcases for 4 - 6 weeks??! That would be rather disconcerting; I would have to go with 4 or 5 outfits that I really really loved and rotate them throughout the weeks. I like how the dress looks layered over the blouse - I've found cute strapless dresses at thrift stores but always left them behind because my strapless days are behind me.

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