Friday, March 15, 2013

Blue fly

Last night my friend came over and helped me pack up the items from my kitchen that I'll be moving. We finished in 1 hour. o_O  She used to move a lot in her life so she apparently retained the skills of efficient packing. We used ever inch of space in the boxes. She's offered to help me as much as she can. I wonder what she can do with my shoes.

Cardigan: Club Monaco (last worn here)
Top: Anthropologie (also last worn in the above link)
Skirt: Smoking Lily (last worn here)
Boots: from Las Vegas (last worn here)

I thought I had lost this blouse. I haven't seen it since I was in Ottawa in November or December. I found it yesterday when I was going through my clothes. YAY!

These tights look blue in this photo but they are really a bright teal. I thought they gave this outfit a bit more interest than wearing grey or black. 

I'm off work on Monday so only 4 more days of photos in front of these doors!


  1. it sounds very stressful but exciting, and I wish you a quick and easy moving and a fabulous new life with lots of style and pretty shoes!
    it's strange how many lost things appear just when you're packing!, that shirt is pretty!

  2. Hooray for finding things! One of the best parts about moving imo. Congrats on the jumpstart on moving! Lots and lots of luck.

  3. Good for you for packing up - nice to find that missing blouse! Love the SL skirt - flies!

  4. Love the blouse and colorful tights.

  5. I missed all your moving news, how exciting! well done on the packing. We just moved t the other side of town and it was HELL! Sorry, not trying to put you off.

  6. Cool blouse (yay!) and skirt, excellent shot of colour with tights. Cheers to awesome friends and their help!

  7. Now THAT is a good friend - she's a keeper!
    Well done for rediscovering that lovely blouse, cool skirt and love the tights. xxx