Monday, March 4, 2013


Sorry about the lengthy disappearance. I went home to go to my mother's 70th birthday party. WHOOO!
I think it's pretty well documented that I have a love of buttony, spatty, boots. I happen to own a few pairs.

So when I came across this pair of Fluevog booties that are no longer available, in my size, it made sense that I would want to add them to my collection. What can I say? I'm greedy.

Top: Anthropologie (last worn here)
Skirt: Krista Larsen (last worn here)
Boots: Fluevog Bellevues | Ida Clark

These boots are from Fluevog's vegan collection. They are canvas and fabric. I think I'm going to get some clear nail polish to keep the fabric near the zipper from fraying.

I like how the fabric looks like mattress ticking or seersucker.  It gives them kind of a old world feel.

I wore another pin that I got from Vitamin G on etsy. Maybe not entirely work appropriate but I wasn't meeting with anyone from the public or senior management today. The woman who owns the coffee shop in my building said "She looks like you!"  Ha!  I wish.

Lastly, I wore my new mouse ring. So sweet and it matches my tattoo.

I'm glad to be back! I'll be here all week. 


  1. Ah, I freakin' LOVE the Ida Clarks - I wore my Libby Smiths today. Wonder twin powers, activate!

    Fabulous outfit - I love the oldworld vibe of it. The mouse ring is so sweet!

  2. Fabbu boots! I found the perfect foil to your mouse ring -

  3. Those shoes and your ring are absolutely fabulous!

  4. You look amazing! I love that ring, my doughter had the same, but she lost it:) Kisses x x x x

  5. So much goodness! Welcome back. Not greedy, sensible. You know what you like, and those orphan shoes got a lovely home.

    I am coveting your mouse ring. Squeak!

  6. Ooh, I'm thinking you could add a pouffy petticoat under that gingham skirt and emulate the lady on your brooch, Megan! I like the old-time vibe of the boots, and the mouse ring is a cutie.
    Hope the party was fun - happy birthday, Megan's mum! xxx

  7. This outfit is gorgeous on you, love the old-timey shapes and patterns, sweet mousie, and saucy-like-you lady. Wishing your mom a great year!

  8. Wonderful outfit! Love the brooch especially. I better don't come too close to you, because I am wearing a cat ring, very similar to your mouse ring. Love, Sara xx

  9. THANK YOU for this outfit! I too recently bought these same shoes, at Gravity Pope during their winter sale. As I love Fluevogs and have been adding to my collection in the past 2 years, I figured I would never run into those again only to be stumped about how to wear them. I put them up for sale at the Fluemarket (they are still there) but now that I see you in this outfit I will try to recreate it and keep them :) I think a midi skirt and tights to create a longer leg line is key.

    Good idea about the clear nail polish btw, I snipped mine with a pair of cuticle scissors.

    1. I saw those on the Fluemarket and was sad that you were selling them! Glad I was able to convince you to keep them for a while. ;)

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