Saturday, April 13, 2013

A funny thing happened on the way to the AGO

I ended up not going to work yesterday because I woke up with a terrible earache in my left ear and sea-lion-esque cough. I don't know what I felt worse about, missing work on my second week or being so sick. I have a tube in my right ear right now and have had them in my left ear so I don't like to mess around when I feel any pain in them so I bundled up and walked to a clinic in the rain. Turns out I was correct, I do have an ear infection. I got some antibiotic drops and then spent the rest of the day in bed.

I woke up feeling a bit better but I stayed in bed until almost 11. Then I got up and got ready to go meet Shelley from Forest City Fashionista for lunch. I figured I'd have lunch and if I still felt up to it I would accompany her to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO).

I decide to wear my new Merlin dress since it seemed like a good thing to do on a rainy Saturday.

Dress: Volt Design from Brava on Queen Street
Shoes: Fluevog Presence | Impel (last worn on Thursday)

Shelley and I ate at the Queen Mother Cafe (or The Queen Mum) and I was still feeling ok so we walked down to the AGO.

On the way there, a strange thing happened. A woman looked at us and said "I love your blog." So we stopped her and said "Which one?" Apparently she meant mine! That has never, ever happened to me before. And she let me know that my leather bracelet was made by Susana Erazo (not Grazo as I mistakenly guessed). Thank you to my blog reader for the information and for making my day! Wish I'd gotten your name.

The exhibit that Shelley and I went to see was Lost in the Memory Palace: Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller.

I'd never heard of Janet Cardiff but Shelley knew her from school in small town Ontario.  I was pretty blown away by their installations. They were visual, audio and some messed with me psychologically. And most seemed to include telephones.

My favourite was The Muriel Lake Incident where you had to wear headphones and it was like sitting in a movie theater. In one ear you head the sound of the film. In the other, you heard the voice of a woman in the audience speaking to her companion. Very cool. Cool isn't an appropriate word but I'll stick with that for now.

Here's proof that Shelley and I did indeed meet.

Not a great shot of me since my hair does not like the humidity that's in the air but Shelley looks faboo as usual. Photos do not do her boots justice. They are so very, very awesome.

Tomorrow we're meeting up again to go to a vintage clothing show. I wish I had something vintage to wear but all my stuff is still in Halifax (hopefully I'm moving into my new place next week so I can be reunited with all my stuff). In the afternoon I'm meeting another blogger, Rachel from The So-So Sewer. We're going to hit Kensington Market.

I'm so glad I moved her. So much to do, so many people to meet. I miss my friends and coworkers in Halifax terribly (and my cats) but I think this change has been good for me. 


  1. I love your blog too!

    Can't believe you randomly ran into a blog reader in Toronto! That's just inconceivable.

  2. How cool! It's sounds like you're already having fun, and exploring your new city. I did wonder about your kitty cats. Are they making the move eventually with you?

    I love your dress, and Shelley looks totally fab. I'm hoping to actually make my blogger meet-up this week. We're also planning on going to an art gallery (in Nashville).

  3. How exciting, I love meeting up with other bloggers, and Shelley is fabulous. The two of you look very well co-ordinated! Your cat dress is perfect for the occasion, glad the art was interesting and thought-provoking, though I'm sorry to hear about the ear infection, they are the pits.
    So you are famous then, Megan! Great to be recognised. Hope Sunday is another good day, and good luck with your move. xxxx

  4. Are your cats going to be able to join you in TO?

    Love that you were recognized on the street - how exciting! And that you got to meet up with Shelley. You look gorgeous - love the mix of the spotty Fluevogs with your Merlin dress.

  5. I really want to see that exhibit. I read about it in the sounds freaky.

    Your dress is fabulous.


  6. So glad we were able to meet up and have some art and vintage fun. Hope you're ear infection clears up quickly and you feel better soon!

  7. I turn my head for one second and miss all the fun stuff over here! And with Shelley too?! So wish I could have been there. You're a celebrity, but we already know that.

  8. wouaa, double fabulousness, love both blogs so much!!. So I'm glad you've enjoyed a nice meeting!
    And hope you get well soon!

  9. Great blogger meet up - I am glad you are settling in to your new home and work. Hope the ear infection goes away soon, The cat dress is so amazing, I love it.