Tuesday, April 16, 2013

There's no stopping us right now, I feel so close to you right now

This post is a little late because I took myself out to Pizza Libretto for dinner. OMG so good. Prosciutto, mozzarella, basil, tomatoes...OM NOM NOM. I really like my adopted neighbourhood and am happy that I'll be staying here when I move into my new "permanent" apartment.

Today was a busy day at work. I'm still finding my feet and I hope everyone will continue to be patient with me as I learn all the new acronyms and official processes. Also at my old job I was "senior management" so I'm used to making decisions. Now I have to defer to those above me so I'm trying to not step on anyone's toes. Hopefully I'm doing it in style.

One of the directors did comment to my boss that she seems to only hire people with fabulous shoes. :)

Dress: Pi Organic bought at Chartreuse Style (last worn here)
Shoes: Pour la Victoire from Balisi shoes

My shoe enabler sent me a photo of these shoes from the Balisi window a few months ago and I was all like GHA! I ended up acquiring a pair in black but I still coveted these red leopard print heels.

I went into Balisi two weeks ago and low and behold they were 75% off! And in my size! It was kismet!  And now...they are mine.

They are very high...4.5" heels but I love them. I will love them and call them George.

I think they match my hair perfectly! (speaking of hair, I'm looking for a new stylist in TO that can help me maintain my red/dark brown colour combo. Suggestions?)

Having this small capsule wardrobe is forcing me to mix colour that I normally wouldn't consider. It's making me abandon my "matchy matchy" tendencies and look to putting different colours together like periwinkle and red leopard.

I like how the back looks with the blowsy bodice. This will be a very comfortable dress this summer.

Ok, good night all!


  1. That is a great dress on you and oh my goodness, those shoes are...well, I'm dyin' over here! Fabulous! Too high for me most days, but still. Wow!

    That's one of the things I really liked about all those damned capsules: they really pushed me to experiment with different colour combos. Well done!

  2. OMG those shoes!! Staggering around on 4.5 inch heels is totally worth it to look at those beauties all day

  3. I like you're experimental outfits. I always find it interesting what people come up with when they are clothing limited for some reason or another. That blue/grey/slate color looks awesome with black and red. Periwinkle? I dunno I'm bad with colors. I will trust your judgement. *Nods* whatever you call it, I like the color.

  4. Also I had to skim over that pizza description because I am craving pizza so bad and it's like midnight.

  5. Those shoes are amazing! Realistic enough to know i don't do that height heel but curious if shoe line had another style with that print. May investigate....my wallet may stop me.

    Fun to push boundaries of normal style isn't it?

  6. Let's hope you aren't stepping on anyone's toes, Megan, not in those heels anyway... Super sexy shoes, did you really walk to work in them?
    Laughing at Megan's comment about colours - the dress looks grey and the shoes look pink on my monitor, but hey, you still look amazing! xxx

  7. The hair the shoes, both gorgeous and lovely.

    And your late night pizza has made me crave it for breakfast.

  8. "I will love them and I will call them George" Best shoe praise I've heard in a long time. They are pretty damned hot.

  9. It's been a few years since I've lived in Toronto but I used to go to Dean at the Lid Lounge on Church. He was great with cut and colour and I think the shop is still there.