Friday, May 24, 2013

Catching up

Sorry for the radio silence. I've been enjoying living in the city and spending more time outside of my apartment than inside. This is probably a good thing since my apartment is in a basement so it's not exactly bright. It's great for sleeping but not so great for the Vitamin D acquisition.

Although this was a short week, it was a busy one. Not just with work but with the socialization which is good since I tend to be a hermit if I'm not forced to interact with people.

Here's Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday's outfits. I skipped Thursday since I was totally uncomfortable all day.

May 21

Cardigan: Club Monaco (last worn here)
T-shirt: Joe Fresh (worn a lot)
Skirt: Smoking Lily (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Mini | Gorgeous (last worn here)

Pretty nondescript and totally serviceable. Jersey t-shirt, jersey skirt,

I feel a little bit guilty about wearing Joe Fresh ever since the Bangladesh clothing factory collapse. Such a terrible tragedy where so many people died in the aid of making cheap clothing for those of us in North  America. I haven't shopped at Joe Fresh or any of the other companies that were linked to that terrible event in quite a while. Now that I'm in Toronto I've been trying to shop at store that sell locally made items. They might cost more but I know I'm supporting my community.

Some people asked to see a close up of the necklace that I mentioned here.

I love it! My sister really knows me. :)

May 22

On Wednesday, I wore this. <Chandler Bing> Could I BE any more stripey?</Chandler Bing>

Jacket: The Gap (hangs head in shame)
Shirt: Melissa Bolduc from Fresh Collective (last worn here)
Skirt: Melissa Bolduc from Fresh Collective
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa (last worn here)

I wore these shoes because it was supposed to rain. It did a little bit but not much when I was outside.

Maybe I should recreate this with some similarly stripey shoes?

Look! There's a stripey underskirt! Yes, I'm so matchy matchy!

I've bought a few things from Fresh Collective since I moved to Toronto.  I walk past it's Queen Street store twice a day so it's quite enticing to just pop in. I must put blinders on!

May 24

Dress: Bitter Root Vintage on etsy (last worn here)
Boots: Fluevog Hope | Desire (last worn here)

Today I had to brief my new Deputy Minister on some stuff and then we had a lunch to say goodbye to a coworker and then cake for a coworker birthday. Lots of socializing. That can be too much for a "highly sensitive person". 

I'm very used to briefing senior officials so I wasn't too worried about that. However I ended up on quite the sugar high after the birthday cake.  WHOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I like that I work with more people in my new job than I did in my old job. Everyone is pretty awesome too. It's really helping me leave my hermit lifestyle behind.

I'm currently watching the Ottawa-Pittsburgh hockey game. I'm conflicted because I kinda want Ottawa to win so a Canadian team will still be in the playoffs but I like Pittsburgh because Sidney Crosby is from Nova Scotia. Realistically I should say "Go Pittsburgh" but in my heart I want Ottawa to win.

Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. Fresh Collective is awesome!

  2. I'm similarly conflicted about the hockey game (I'm obliged to cheer for Boston as long as they're in it, as it's L's team and...Bobby Orr!).

    I love that you're shopping local - it is worth the extra money not to be buying that fast fashion! And look at the gorgeous unique items you have! So envious - I love that asymmetrical look in the 2nd outfit.

    Adore the Mondrian dress. Glad to hear you're getting out and about. One can only be a hermit so long, although I find it is required once in a while to recharge one's batteries for the socializing. So exhausting.

  3. So wonderful, dear Megan.
    I loveevery sibgle outfit, and want all your shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  4. lovely outfits and fabulous shoes, that fluevog maryjanes are simply awesome!
    love that stripes on stripes outfit and your mondrianesque dress with red boots!, so gorgeous!

  5. I'm conflicted, too, about buying clothes made overseas, but I'm weak (and cheap). From what I see on the blogs, it seems there are a lot more Canadian companies producing clothes than there are in the US, but maybe I'm not paying attention. I think about doing more sewing (if I can do it with a calm mind), but then I wonder where the textiles come from.

  6. Thanks for the catch up!
    Sorry about the hockey team conflict. I do hope that you'll be rooting for Pittsburgh against Boston!

    1. Definitely! I'm from Sidney Crosby land!

  7. Nice to get an outfit round up. I hear you on the Thursday outfit issue, my Thursday and Friday outfits were rubbish. Quite annoying.

    However, you look lovely in these, particularly the abundance of stripes one! Glad you are settling in xx

  8. Lovely outfits, especially all the stripey stripes, and the ever-fabulous Mondrian dress.
    Good for you on several counts - on settling into work and your new city, on your increased socialising, and your thoughts on reducing your fast-fashion consumption. The Bangladesh factory supplied the UK fast'n'cheap retailer Primark too - I don't know how people justify buying their products, which are awful quality as well as ethically unsound.
    Hope you had a great weekend, Megan. xxxx

  9. Really nice outfits Megan, really nice
    I love the second one, stripes going in all directions
    Adorable color block dress
    And those fluevog- Oh God, i have to treat myself to a pair soon!


  10. I love your ultrastripey outfit. Brilliant.

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