Sunday, May 12, 2013

Celebrate good times, COME ON!

Howdy! I spent the weekend at home with family celebrating Mother's Day, my BIL's birthday, and my birthday, which is on Wednesday. I got all my presents yesterday so I won't have anything to open on my actual birthday. BUT, it also happens to be International Fluevog Day so maybe I need to buy MYSELF a present? Because I need another pair of shoes like I need more caffeine at 8pm.

Here's my outfit from Friday, May 10.

My "super secret" lunchroom isn't so secret after all so I found an empty meeting room. I was making shadow puppets on the flip chart. See, I made a left hand!

Top: Love Charles Vintage on Etsy (last worn here)
Dress: Vero Moda from M for Mendocino on Queen Street
Boots: Fluevog 11th Hour (last worn here)

This dress was uber cheap but I can see myself wearing the hell out of it this summer. It's just a plain black jersey maxi dress but it's so comfortable and easy to layer things over. Like this top.

And I had to wear my spatty boots with my spatty top. I was super comfortable all day, and pretty darn cute.

True confessions? I wore the dress again on Saturday and again tonight. Maybe I need to get another one in grey or red?

Gonna watch hockey now.


  1. Love those booties, especially with the great top! Hee, well done on the shadow puppet.

  2. Hee! I love your background and posing. Those boots are supremely cute. I think if you're getting that much wear out of the dress, it would be a good idea for another color.

  3. lovely booties and love that they match your top print!, fabulousness!

  4. It's fabulous. And I love the boots. And I'm always impressed with your style.

  5. Happy birthday for Wednesday! We are almost-birthday twins. Yay for Taureans! (Are you as stubborn as me?)

    Go and get more dresses in other colours as a birthday present. I cannot stress enough the importance of duplicates. It does look like a fantastic layering piece, particularly with the spats theme.

  6. Yes, get the dress in grey and red, what are you waiting for?
    I feel you could have made a far ruder shadow puppet for us, Megan, please try for your next photo shoot!
    Oh and cutie booties. xxxxxxx