Monday, May 6, 2013

May the Forth be with you and the Revenge of the Sixth

On Saturday I went to the opening of the new John Fluevog Shoes in the Distillery District in Toronto.

The store was set to open at 11am but I arrived at 10:30. I had to take a bus and a streetcar and then walk about 3 blocks. I was the forth person in line. Shoe geeks, Unite!

 There was a guy in line ahead of me who found this crate lid that was being thrown away. He was going to take it home.

There were limited edition men's and women's shoes that will only be sold at the Distillery store. I was smitten. Yes, I bought a pair! They are from the Miracle family.

Compared to the Queen Street store, this one is positively huge. It might even be larger than the Gastown store in Vancouver. It's big enough for this huge chandelier. I also loved the design on the back wall.

Because it's in the Distillery District, the store has maintained a rustic feel with unfinished wood and exposed brick.  This makes the shoes look all the more shiny!

There was a table full of Minis.

And the Queen Transcendent Elizabeth with the Kitschy Kitschy Boom Booms and some Acid washed Angels.

I only stayed for about 30 minutes but I left with two pairs of shoes. The limited edition Miracles and the Integrity Arabella.  It's a bit of a trek for me to get there but I'll definitely go back to visit the awesome sales staff.

And here's what I wore today, including the new shoes. Sorry about the blurry shot.

Cardigan: from Value Village
T-shirt: American Apparel
Skirt: Studio Gang on Ossington Street
Shoes: Fluevog Miracles | Marvel

Studio Gang is an awesome store with clothes designed and made by the owner Deborah Korosec. She told me that these pockets were inspired by watching Apocalypse Now. I'm guessing she meant the military lapels. I went in for the clothes and stayed to pat the shop dog!  Doggies!

I'm 100% more likely to visit a store that has a dog or a cat in residence. True fact!

Pinstripes and floral? Not too bad if I say so. The shoes are quite comfortable.

Tomorrow I'm going to Ottawa for about 6 hours. Not sure if I'll get an outfit photo or not.


  1. The new shoes are gorgeous! I love that they do that floral leather to make limited colour runs of some shoes. I couldn't tell that your skirt was striped, but I do love the "hip epaulettes"!

    I'm so glad we don't have a Fluevog store in Victoria. I would be there every frickin' day.

    Oh, I forgot to say in the big post - LOVE your Cydwoq boots. I have been craving a pair for so long...I love them.

  2. Pretty pretty shoes! Love the ankle strap on the new Miracles. Pity Studio Gang isn't online! It sounds like a cool shop.

  3. Lovely floral shoes! Awesome skirt too, I'm seriously digging the pocket-flap fenders.

    1. P.S. I am all Pavlov's dog with that colour of blue wrapping paper Fluevog uses and would have been flinging myself against the glass, lol.

  4. I love your new shoes, I saw the close up on instagram! Yummy!
    The skirt detailing is really nice- the devil is in the details isn't that what they say? xx

  5. I'm so glad to hear that Studio Gang is still there! I got my pinstriped "skants" there two years ago, and haven't made it back since. I knew you wouldn't make it out of the Fluevog store empty handed. The floral ones are pretty gosh-darned awesome.

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  7. Thanks for posting. It I very much appreciated.

  8. Congrats on the new Fluevogs. Love the floral limiteds. So does this mean you are abstaining on Fluevog day?

  9. Let me know when you're craving another visit to the Distillery Fluevog store and maybe I can join you - if we go from work it wouldn't be quite such a long trip. :)

  10. Is there a Fluevogs Anonymous? I can think of a few potential members...
    But despite the addiction, I do really like the new shoes! And the shop looks awesome.
    Fabulous skirt too. xxxx

  11. I was in Toronto last May, and I visited the Queen Street store, but I missed the store at The Distillery. How is that possible?