Monday, June 17, 2013

Manic Monday

Howdie all. Hope you all had a super weekend and Father's Day if you're in North America. I was visiting family, hence the quiet.

First, I don't usually declare my dislike of certain fashion trends but I have to share this. Wedge sneakers? Hate. Wedge sneakers with velcro? Hate with all the fires of hell. Ladies!? Please rethink this trend....

Ok, now that I've got that off my chest and all the wedge sneaker lovers have left in a huff, here's my Monday outfit.

Dress: Trapper Jane (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Rules Low | Joni

Sadly, this dress never gets any love. Other than from me. I totally love this dress even if no one else seems to see how fabulous it is.

Great print? check
Swirrly skirt? check
Pockets? CHECK!

Last week I was on the hunt for sandals with closed toes. Alas, none were to be found, so I went to Fluevog and bought these Joni sandals and another pair of sandals which I'm sure will show up soon.

I walked to work and back again (6km) today and my feet feel great.

They aren't my usual style but I'm surprisingly happy as heck with them. Thank you to Heather and Brian at the Queen Street store!

Of course, sense I bought these, I have found about 4 pairs of closed toe sandals. I'm resisting buying any more sandals though.

Today I wore these rings. I found this one that says "I'm Evil" at Pretty Chic in Guelph this weekend. I always find something of interest when I go there and I totally fell in love with this ring when I saw it. It goes well with my raven claw ring.

In other news, my second favourite band (after Duran Duran), White Lies, has a new album coming out in August. I bought tickets to see them in October!! So excited!!

Here's their latest song, Getting Even. I may have listened to it obsessively this past week.


  1. That dress is totally worthy of love! I wish I could wear Fluevogs, as I really love those sandals. I was scoping out some of the sandals in the Doc Marten store this weekend, but none of them fit right...sigh. They sure were pretty though. I'm coveting your "I'm Evil" ring.

  2. That is a lovely dress - looks like Trapper Jane is still using the V-top pattern in other dresses and blouses (link: I tried on those high-waisted pants, but they just looked ass on me.

    More shoes? Where will you put them all? Love the Evil ring.

    Never heard of White Lies, so thanks for the tip.

  3. a lady can never have too many shoes. i love your dress. not too dressy not too casual. perfect for a summer work day. and great find on the open toe shoes. My office is always cold in the summer, so i am always on the lookout for fun summer shoes that offer more coverage. now if only i could get to shaving the legs more often to wear more of my summer dresses. why is it that leg shaving feels like sucha chore?

  4. Really? Because that's one of the coolest dresses you own in my opinion! I keep browsing sandals, but I am so picky about them. I've wound up wearing lots of closed toe shoes, but I need to pull out sandals again before summer is over.

    Also I totally agree on the wedge sneakers.. I've seen some that I don't hat, but Eh I'll skip it.

  5. your dress really deserves some love, specially because it has Pockets!, and it's plaid!, and it fits you so nicely!
    and your new shoes also deserves lots of love, they're cute! (no comments about that wedge sneakers, they're ineffable!

  6. And i would say, Great fit! Continue to wear that dress.

  7. Oh Megan, you're not evil. Well, maybe a little bit.
    I very much like those shoes, I want some sandals with a sensible heel which feel substantial, not spindly or strappy... Yours fit the bill!
    Why don't people love the dress? I love the dress, it's great, and fits you perfectly. xxx

  8. Fabulous dress Megan. you are always the queen of great shoes too.

  9. Obsessing over your sandals. I need some new sandals... my most comfortable plastic Chinese ones died on me (I have a bunch but this was the only larger size 5 pair). Sigh.
    Wedge sneakers? They need to go to Fashion Jail. Life sentence.

  10. love that dress and with you tats and shoes sublime! xxx ok so want to get my hand son that yellow skirt! it's coming to you next.....pleeease send it to me next! please please please xxxx

    1. You need to contact Forest City Fashionista. I believe she's going to coordinate the Yellow Skirt list. :)

  11. Hi Megan,
    I enjoy your blog, visit often and admire your shoes. But I am here to request your email to ask if I could be sent the travelling yellow skirt. My email is posted under my info at Crazy Ravens Studio. Can't wait to see how you style the skirt.

    PK Cravens