Monday, June 10, 2013


Last week I didn't seem to get much blogging done. I wish I could say I was totally busy but alas, I'm afraid I was just lazy. I'll try to get caught up here.

June 3rd

Dress: Ziliotto  on Queen Street
Shoes: Fluevog Prepare | Guide (last worn here)
Bracelet: Susana Erazo (bought at Ziliotto)

Saw this dress in the window of Ziliotto for a few days. I walk past the store twice a day - on my way to work, and on my way home. One day last week I decided to go in and try it on. I first tried the medium but I ended up going for the large since I wanted it to be a little less fitted and a little more drapey. The sales girl and the Queen St store is a treat. She remembered me from when I bought the grey skirt and the red leather cuff and she is very helpful.

The best parts of the dress, of course, are the pockets. Or the polka dots. Or the red colour.

Here's an outtake. I'm standing among the cube farm. The lighting is terrible and the location is pretty crap. Let's move on shall we?

June 4th

Last time I wore this dress I was considering getting rid of it. But obviously I packed it when I moved to Toronto.

Dress: from Reykjavik (last worn here)
Belt: Rudsak
Shoes: Aldo (last worn here)

This dress obviously works better belted. I popped into Rudsak on Queen Street last week and their leather belts were on sale so I picked up this obi. I almost bought a wider version but this one seemed to work best since it has a small slit in which to feed the tie.

So this belt has convinced me to keep this dress a little while longer.

June 6th

Cardigan: Pretty Thing Boutique
Jumpsuit: Lilith (last worn here)
Shoes: Marks and Spencer from Chosen Vintage on Queen Street

I may have finally found a replacement for this cardigan at Target on the weekend. I haven't chucked this out quite yet but hopefully I can after replacing it with the Target version.

I'm not sure what to do with this jumpsuit. I like it BUT going to the bathroom in a pain in the butt.

From the back it almost looks like a skirt but I have Lilith pants that make the same effect. Do I really need both? I'm not sure I could recover the cost of the jumpsuit through consignment so I might as well keep it.

The shoes?  I saw them in the window of a vintage store very close to my apartment.

Buttony! They had them marked as a size 8.5 but they fit me perfectly. I've worn them 3 days and each time they were extremely comfortable and resulted in no blisters.




What else could I want????

June 10

I forgot to take photos on Friday but I wore this dress. I went to my parent's house for the weekend. I have officially been to my parent's house more in 2013 than I was in the last 2 years. Crazy!

Dress: anthropologie (last worn here)
Belt: Megan Mae 
Tights: Target
Shoes: Miz Mooz (last worn here)

This doesn't really work. These tights looked azure but they seem more purple here. I felt a little uncomfortable all day. This isn't my best combo.

It looks a litle better from the back.

I'm not happy with my hair right now. The salon where I had my hair done didn't feel right. Everyone had terrible hair! A new place opened on a street close to me so I'm thinking of trying them out.  Though my displeasure could be a result of the rain and humidity.

Here's my flair.

Bracelet: Susana Erazo from Ziliotto
Pin: given to me by a coworker making fun of the Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford
Necklace: Birthday Gift from a good friend

I LOVE this necklace. Love it! It reminds me of my dear sweet kitty Merlin. 


  1. Hurray for lazy! I think trying too hard is over-rated.

    You had such a tomato-and-licorice theme going until the end with the blue raspberries. But aside from the odd food combinations, here's a thought. They should make pantsuits with zippers in the gusset seam - not at the front, but between the legs. I wonder if that would work at all, or just cause even more trouble.

  2. I agree, the pockets, the polka dots, and the red are the best parts of the dress. So much red here, love it, except for the blue outfit that didn't sing for you. What does that say? Even though I still like it!
    Yes, but Val, you don't want the zipper to get stuck...

  3. Love the cut of the first dress. Maybe add a bum-button-panel to the jump suit lol!

    Sorry the blue outfit wasn't comfy. It looks really cute if it's any consolation.

    Also if there's anything you want to get rid of, but don't want to consign, I'll call dibs! ;P Also since I've been clearing out my current obi stash, I've got an obi I'm going to send to you once I've got some money. Need another payday before I can, but I'll give you a heads up when I send it out.

  4. I love all the red. And hey, if your hairdresser's place doesn't have good hair on the staff, run for the hills! Find a new place!

    Lovely outfits all 'round. Those vintage shoes are fabulous, as is the dotty dress.

  5. Red is such a good colour on you, and I like the jumpsuit a lot, but agree that they are a huge pain when you have to pee. I like the idea of a button flap! The blue outfit is cute, but not quite measuring up to your usual funky style. Of course, even at a slightly lower funky quotient, you are still way more stylish than your average dame on the street ;)

  6. What she said. You and red are like BFFs. Good combo. And I don't think of you aa one bit of lazy- perhaps you just have a life. And don't need to blog all the time. However, I am glad you do.

  7. You always look fabulous in red, Megan! Lovely dresses, all, and I am drooling over the suede button shoes. xxx

  8. Finding a good hairdresser is such a pain. Good luck in trying the new place out. Could you approach a lady with nice hair, when you see one, and ask them who cuts their hair? Win/win, they get a hair compliment, you get a great stylist...

    I enjoyed the red streak of outfits!