Saturday, July 13, 2013

OMG you GUYS!!!!

Look what I found! 

A Zandra Rhodes silk dress! WHOOOOOOO!!

It's not zany like some of her other dresses but it has shells on it. Reminds me of my Atlantic Canada life.

and a pretty ruffle on the top. For $70!

I'm pretty chuffed!

My apartment is drying out and today I went to Canadian Tire (a hardware store that is a Canadian institution) and bought some plastic bins to put my shoes in. I'm having my carpet cleaned on Tuesday because my place smells like a swamp but after my apartment gets back to normal I'll be much more confident about putting them back under my bed.

Only one pair is truly ruined and they were not very expensive so I'm thanking my lucky stars.

Here's what I wore on Friday.

Blouse: Love Charles Vintage
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: House of Harlow 1960 (from Gilt)

I saw these shoes at Hudson's Bay a few weeks ago and loved them so very much but they didn't have my size. So I "Binged that shit" (googled them) and found them on

So flappery. So pretty. I figure that since I threw out a pair of shoes this week and lost a pair in my flood that it was ok to bring another pair into the house.

Now I need a proper flapper dress to go with these beaded beauties.

I'm not sure if this top really matches the rest of the outfit but it was nice and cool to wear on a hot day. I don't own very many blouses. I tend to buy dresses but when I do buy skirts I forget that I need something to wear on the top. I need to rectify that.


  1. AWESOME SHOES. They really are fabulous.

    I have the same problem re: tops. Especially when I try to look dressier. For some reason all my shirts are much more casual than a skirt.

  2. Those are total Gatsby shoes - just lovely. And yes, of course you can bring another pair in!

    I used to do that with tops - all these skirts and nothing to wear with them! I really have to hunt for cool ones, but they are hard to find. That is a gorgeous vintage blouse.

    And woo! SCORE on the Zandra Rhodes! I can't wait to see it on you.

  3. Great shoes indeed! And they will also work well with your Zandra Rhodes silk dress!

  4. Those shoes would look kind of awesome with the Zandra Rhodes...where did you score that beauty? I tend to have more luck finding cool skirts and pants (especially thrifting), but have nothing exciting to wear on top. It's much easier to put on a dress and not have to worry about that. I'm glad to hear that only one pair of shoes fell victim to the flood. Best to get the pros to dry out your apartment - you don't want to end up with mildew or mould.

  5. Gorgeous shoes. Well done for tracking them down. I realised my cubicle looks quite a lot like yours, except I don't have cute shoe buttons! But the paperwork looks similar. Ack.

    On a damp note, I had a leaky roof the ladt year or so. I can mightily recommend a dehumidifier to take away damp, and dry clothes out fast.

  6. Oooh double win! Love the shoes, so fabulous. Sorry about the flooding!! Echoing a dehumidifier.

  7. we used towels to blot up our soaked carpet and fans turned on 24/7 for days to dry out our bedroom carpet (flood caused by drunken houseguest in apt upstairs, he "forgot" to turn off faucet,

    If carpet or pad is smelling swampy, it may have to be torn out? I dunno

    lovely new dress, where did you find it? gorgeous shoes too

  8. The Zandra Rhodes dress is amazing, what a great find. Cute flirty skirty, I think the top goes fine, and the shoes are awesome. I don't have interesting tops, my skirts and dresses are always the stars of the show...
    Hope your apartment/flood woes get sorted soon. xxx

  9. Those shoes are making me drool and swoon.