Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Too Darn Hot

It's too darn hot. Too darn hot. It's 40C here in the city and I have no air conditioning.  I wish I was at work but I'm currently at home dealing with the ongoing aftermath of the water that came into my apartment last Monday. The carpet cleaners just left and my apartment is drying out. Here's hoping I get my place back together quickly. I was finally starting to feel settled here after my couch arrived and then BLAMO...flood.

So here's what I wore yesterday in an attempt to keep cool.

July 15

Dress: Pretty Things Boutique (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Teapots | ? (not sure the name of these)

This dress is cotton/linen so I was hoping it would be cool. By the time I got to work my hair was soaked with sweat as was the front of my dress. UGH!

You can see that my hair is a bit of a kinky mess.

I bought these shoes used from someone online. They are a wee bit big but they are very comfortable.

You can see here that there's a bit of room at the tip of the shoe. I'd rather my shoes be like this than to have my toes hang over the edge.

A coworker said that these shoes were much more sedate than my usual shoes. I guess that's true but they're still pretty.

On July 7 I wore a strapless dress to work. I kept my cardigan on for most of the day but near close of business I took it off. I walked past my coworker's cube and she thought I was naked so we took this nudie picture.

I can assure you I am fully clothed but it really does look like I'm streaking through the office.



  1. Haha! That last picture of you is perfect. Also I agree with you on the shoe fit thing, I'd rather have slightly too big than toe-overhang. Provided the "too big" didn't involve any discomfort.

  2. Love the last shot of you - it reminds me of a Benny Hill movie! It IS too darn hot, but I am fortunate to have a/c at home and at the office, so it's just the getting from here to there that is uncomfortable. The two different climates makes dressing a challenge though.

  3. The shoes are the Teapot Ceylon. I loathe that toe-claw overhang. So gross.

    Ha, that last shot is awesome!

  4. Love the silly captured in last shot. Feel for you on the heat thing (no a/c at home) and sad to read about flooding

  5. The strapless pic cracked me up, you naughty office lady...lol.

    Bless your heart, no A/C and a flood? You look beautiful despite all the heat...and humidity :P

    I wore my Vogs (only pair) today, too.

    Love ya,

  6. Laughing, the last photo! Banish the gargoyle toe. You look cool but I can't imagine heat of 40. I saw it on the news. I would say you need a good rain storm to clear out that heat, but, oops, you're still recovering from a flood. If it's not one thing, it's another.

  7. ha ha! that last photo is hilarious!

    Let's hope the heat goes away soon. In the winter it's too cold...in the summer it's too hot. Gotta love Ontario.


  8. Hee hee, office rudieness! Love the cheeky look on your face. Lovely new shoes, the colours look cooling, even if you feel hot.

    It isn't as high as 40, but it is Darn Hot here in the UK too, am trying not to melt xx

  9. Pretty retro styling. The shoes look great with your cool dress. The last photo is a riot! It's 70 degrees today but this week we have endured some nearly 100 degree days. Hope it cools down soon for you!

    blue hue wonderland

  10. so pretty dress, love that red trim and buttons, so nice that it's also a fresh cloth (I'm also hating our hot and humid weather these days!) and that shoes are really cute!
    that sassy pic made me laugh a lot!!
    besos & fun

  11. The cream dress with the red trim & buttons is so lovely.

    Are you saying that you had a second flood?

    The "nudie" pic is hilarious.