Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekly roundup - with pie!

I just got home from a lovely afternoon at a craft show and then having pie at Wanda's Pie in the Sky with Rachel the So-so Sewer. Despite the intermittent rain and awful humidity it was a great way to spend a Sunday. Now I am sitting on my new sofa getting caught up on the last few episodes of the last season of The Walking Dead so I thought I should post last week's outfits.

July 2

Cardigan: H&M (ugh)
Dress: Anthropologie (last worn here)
Belt: Value Village
Shoes:  Fluevog Integrity | Amie in Neon Orange

After being so bright at the Pride parade I had to continue with the bright loud colours.

Orange and blue is my new favourite colour combination. It was a happy surprise that this belt I had matches this cardigan perfectly. Unfortunately, I bought this cardigan at H&M but I had to replace another blue sweater and this is the only one I could find in the summer. I know I'll wear it a lot though.

Have I mentioned that I love these shoes? They're currently on sale from Fluevog. I'm tempted to go and get another pair.

July 3

More orange and blue! My coworker said that this dress reminded her of the wallpaper from her childhood kitchen. I took it as a complement since I get that same vibe too.

Dress: Meg Shops "Prison Dress" on West Queen West
Shoes: Liebling (last worn here)

The best part about this dress, other than the print, are the pockets.

I would like a zillion dresses exactly like this in tonnes of patterns. I wish I could sew better. I'm sure there's a pattern out there for a simple shift dress like this. I have some cute fabric with polar bears on it that would be perfect for this type of dress.

I didn't intend to buy this dress. I was going to buy a different one but the sales woman convinced me to try this on for fun and I loved it. I loved the other one too but I couldn't afford both.

It's a nice match for my turquoise shoes too.

July 5

I forgot to take pictures on Thursday, probably because I wasn't happy with what I was wearing. I bought a "mullet dress" a few weeks ago and finally wore it but it has an elastic waist which drove me cuckoo all day.

So skipping to Friday...

Dress: Sweet Soul (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Faiths Low | Reumah
(last worn here)

I love this dress despite the wrinkles mostly for its front pouch pocket.

I'm not sure I love these shoes though. I may put them in my consignment pile or try to sell them on the FlueMarket. They are already quite on sale on the Fluevog site though so someone might want to get them new rather than used.

I love the wooden heel but I'm not really a fan of the wedge shoe. Maybe I'll give them one more wear just to see how I feel about them.

What do you think? Should they stay or should they go?

Now that I have my couch and a place to blog I'll try to be more regular with my posts.


  1. I personally love the green shoes. I would have snagged a pair for myself if I wasn't so heel phobic these days. I say if you're feeling iffy, see if there's someone willing to take them off your hands. If not, hang onto them for awhile.

    I love cut of both of your dresses. I have two styles of dresses I always look for. I just picked up a fourth stretch shift dress by Calvin Klein. I can grab 'em for about $4-7 at Goodwill versus the $40 outlet and the who knows how expensive retail.

  2. I have those green shoes, only mine are floral - I say keep 'em. They are a fun look and a little different than most of your shoes - and it's good to have different shapes. You never know when you might need a wedge!

    I love that first outfit, and the 2nd dress is fab.

  3. love your orange and blue color combos, and love that little telephones print on your orange dress, and also love that floral 70's print!!, your dresses are really fabulous!
    and I say yes to green shoes, they're different, they're green!!
    besos & nice week

  4. Orange and blue are fabulous together! I'm seeing that combination a lot now, and it's so energetic and pretty at the same time. I love your "prison dress"! Imagine if a prison actually gave out dresses like that - there'd be a crime wave!

    I like the green Fluevogs, but agree with you about wedges. They don't bend with your foot when you walk and that irritates me. They do look good on you. Tough decision.

  5. I would have grabbed that "Prison Dress" too - it is the perfect dress shape, and would look great in different patterns. There must be a pattern for that dress style out there somewhere. I wouldn't be able to sew it but that's why there are seamstresses! I love the colour of the green shoes, and they look great on, but while there are some wedge heels that kind of roll with your foot motion, those ones look kind of "clumpy". Maybe keep them for the rest of the summer, and if you don't wear them again, put them in the "going away" pile.

  6. I never wear blue, but orange and blue together is almost making me change my mind about that. :)

    If you felt like testing your sewing skills, this shift dress pattern is all over the sewing world right now. It says beginner, and I think it really means it.

  7. I love blue and orange too, and a great print is a bonus. All three dresses look great on you.
    I really like the green wedges, I can't believe you are thinking of moving them on! Move them over here, Megan! xxx

  8. I love the green dress and the green shoes. However, I would bust my ass in those. For some reason, I can't walk in wedges.

  9. Those shoes are fantastic! I love wedges, though, because they distribute my weight more evenly than regular heels. I think you should keep them; they complement the dress so well.