Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A blog first!

A first on the blog today. I'm wearing the same shoes that I wore yesterday. GASP!  I KNOW! It's unprecedented.

Vest: Liliblue (bought at Millennium in Guelph)
Shirt: Joe Fresh
Skirt: Noa Noa
Shoes: Fluevog Half Truths | Tanya

Apparently it is also the first time I've worn this skirt on the blog. I've had it for a few years so I find that strange. I just looked through my flickr photos too see if it appears there but I apparently doesn't. Hunh.

It's pretty flouncy and I like the way it goes with my kitten heels.

My lace vest doesn't show up at all in these photos. I'll have to wear it again when I'm wearing a lighter coloured shirt.

Whoops! Outtake!

On Monday, White Lies, my second favourite band (after Duran Duran, of course) released their third album. Apparently only in the UK since my iTunes says it won't be out until August 20th. Not sure why in this day and age of digital music that we continue to have separate release dates. It's maddening!

Here's the video of their first song off the album, There Goes Our Love Again.


  1. Noa Noa does the best floofy skirts - I have 3 and I love them all. This one is amazing!

    God, I love those shoes...must. have. them.

  2. OMG twice! will have the style police sent over i guess
    I love your new hair!
    I will have to check Irregular choices, your shoes are awesome! i have seen 2 fab pairs on blogs!

  3. Such a pretty skirt - kind of ballerina-ish, I am imagining a wrap cardigan and ballet shoes, accompanied by an elegant arabesque next time, please! Styled as you actually are, not in my imagination, you have a flapper girl look about you, Megan, as though you are about to break into the Charleston. Ooh, lots of dancing going on! xxxx

  4. Love the floof! I'm surprised it hasn't shown up yet. Two new firsts for your blog post today. ;)

  5. Hi. Been following your blog for awhile and really enjoy it. Had to write because of your Duran Duran mention. I'm a fellow Canadian recently arrived in Colombo, Sri Lanka and if you're up on you D/D trivia "Hungry like the wolf" was shot here. So today, I had decided to track down the cafe where Simon chucks over the table and then I read your blog. So in honour of your love for Duran Duran (and your fab blog) I am going to over turn a table in that very cafe just for you!


  6. Pretty skirt, lovely with the shoesies!

    Excellent choreography and fringed skirts in the video! I'm sure I couldn't wear one without wiggling all day.

  7. I will have to wait and watch the video when I'm not at work, so I can only comment on the outfit for now! I think I have almost the same, if not the same, skirt in black (will have to check label when I get home). When I wear it I really like it, but I don't wear it often. You lose two style demerit points for wearing the same shoes two days in a row ;)

  8. I have always loved your shoes and outfits, I just don't know why it has taken me this long to comment x shakes head in a disappointed manner x