Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Howdie internets. How's it going? I had a nice weekend away and now I'm back into the old routine. Work, dinner, sleep, repeat. I did have one little glitch along the way. About 3 years ago, when I went off the birth control pill, I finally learned the reality that is P....M....S. I had a little crying episode and melt down Monday night. Then as quickly as it came on, it disappeared. Gotta say, it's pretty horrible!

Despite that, I enjoy being a girl...

I enjoy being a girl because I like wearing pretty things.

August 6

Dress: eShakti (last worn here)
Shoes: Irregular Choice (from

Here's my new hair, sans red. It's been 6 years since I had it put in. And the two times I had red put in here in Toronto it just faded to pink. So until I find a place who can do it properly I'll just stick with one colour.

Unfortunately this is BLACK, not dark brown. *sigh*

This weekend I went to see a production of The Mikado. I've seen it a bunch of times and can practically sing along. Anyway, the actress who played Katisha was Jean Stilwell who is a Canadian opera singer. Right now her hair is very similar to mine.

The next day, I went to another concert and a woman approached me and said "You sang beautifully last night". HAHAHAHHA! Totally awesome.

You know what else is awesome?

Kitty cat shoes!!! MEOW!!  Sometimes Irregular Choice shoes can be over the top but I couldn't resist these.

And I couldn't resist this dress on Modcloth.

August 7

With my love of red, you'd think I've had a gazillion red dresses but I really only have 1 and it's wool.

Dress: Folter from Modcloth
Shoes: Miss L Fire (last worn here)

It's a very comfortable dress but again, my stupid long waist means that the waist of the dress sits at the bottom of my ribs. Not totally annoying though.

Hangs pretty well, no?

The "piece de resistance" was really this bracelet, also from Modcloth.

Spooky! I wore my skull earrings too.

I'm watching the movie Brave right now...see you tomorrow.


  1. I liked "Brave", especially the relationship between the mum and Merida, but I thought the story was weak overall.

    I love that you got "spotted" as a famous singer! Of course you are!

    Love IC shoes, but yeah, they can be limiting. Kitty shoes = wonderful.

  2. That is definitely drahma queen hair and I looove black on you. No wonder someone complimented you on your voice. You should have offered to give them your autograph. I love the kitty tail on the shoes. Overall, eh 1.

  3. I love irregular choice! That was my sister's favorite brand of shoe ever. I totally forgot about them. I should see what's cooking...

  4. The kitty shoes are so great, especially the tail at the back. I can't imagine a boy getting to wear kitty shoes, so yeah, it's great being a girrrrrrrl!

  5. Your dramatic black hair suits you, especially when you wear red. Perfect for melt downs and operetta, I'd say. Love the red dress, though I have similar troubles with having a strangely long torso, waistlines are rarely in the right place on me. It's hard, being a girl. But there are compensations, like cool shoes and frocks! xxxx

  6. I like the raven-haired look on you - very striking! For the most part, I enjoy being a girl, except for PMS and Menopause. We get to wear stuff that's fun, like shoes with kitty faces and tails. Although I suppose a boy could wear those....

  7. Whew, glad the glitch passed fast, and pretty things certainly like you right back! Sometimes I'm grateful for my odd combination of long bits, short bits, and giant feet, because if more clothes and shoes fit acceptably, my closet would burst more than it already is, ka-blam. New hair looks sharp! And awesome that - of course - you accumulate adoring audiences wherever you go.

  8. I like the oriental-inspired thing going on here... and I must say - SHOES! Love 'em. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your weekend away. :)

  9. The red dress is stunning, and it fits you so well! And the shoes -- to die for!!