Friday, September 20, 2013

A new path on the horizon?

Hello! I just spent two days in bed with the ICK. With CONTAGION. With PLAGUE!

Ok, it was just a cold but when you're alone and no one is around to wait on you hand and foot it can be overwhelming. I seem to be improving by the hour though.

So I have no outfit posts for Wednesday or Thursday but here's what I wore on Tuesday, September 10.

Necklace: Pretty Chic 
Dress: thrifted, no tags (last worn here)
Tights: Leg Avenue from Fashion Crimes
Shoes: Zara

I saw these shoes on the Atlantic-Pacific blog and thought I had to get them. So I ordered them from the Zara website. After ordering them I realized that I already own two pairs of pointy toed strappy shoes. I guess it's a style I like.

These tights lasted one wearing. What a shame since I love the vertical stripes. Such a bummer.

Besides being sick I've been dealing with a number of personal issues including the filing of my divorce papers. It's been a long, hard year of changes. Here's hoping I'll find my new path soon.


  1. Yes, but those are *different* low-heeled pointy-toed ankle-strap shoes! They are fiiiine. Love them. The tights and dress are just awesome.

    Quite a rough year for you - good to see you doing so well. Hope you feel better from your cold soon.

  2. Awww sorry about the tights. I had a pair of striped tights (horizontal) from Asos that I wore like twice before they were ripping to shreds. I was so mad because they cost $12 and were really cute.

  3. Yes, a new path in store for you - your cold will soon be gone and there will be more shiny pointy shoes, striped tights and beautiful dresses in your future!

  4. Oh yes, a new path would be good. So much change. When I lived alone, which I did for several years, the only time I didn't like it was when I was ill. Hope you feel better soon.
    Excellent dress. Pointy shoe heaven. RIP ripped tights. xxxxx

  5. Having to look after yourself when you're sick is one of the few downsides of living alone - hope you feel better soon. It has been a year of big changes for you - here's to a new and positive path!

  6. Hi Megan!

    Hope you feel better soon - I know not easy to live alone and plus when you have a cold and not having someone to take care of you - Like Shelley it is the downside of living alone, but you will see you will enjoy it more and more i'm sure - Living alone has it advantages, i loved my time alone -
    Sometimes i wish i was living alone -
    I had a look at your other posts, that orange jacket is fantastic and love the Duran Duran tee, so hard to find good Band tees -
    Hope you new kitty is ok, you said he pipied on your floor, is he ok now?
    My oldest is weird sometimes, but we let get away with a lot of stuff, poor thing, he's deaf and take medecine for his thyroid twice a day -

    Take care and don't despair, things will get better -

    Ariane xo

  7. Hugz, Megan. As someone who's rather been dumped suddenly on a new path, I can relate. What felt like a complete diss from a long-time relationship (not the lovely Absent Minded Professor, thankfully) actually turned out to be a wide open door leading to much more opportunity and fulfillment of long-held dreams. You are so smart and beautiful, you'll do fine wherever you decide to go.

    Much love,

  8. You are looking lovely here, shame on the tights for not lasting, with their stripey goodness. And more shoes like older ones? It means they will all wear out more slowly...

    I went to a meditation workshop this weekend where we talked about change. And how, if you knew ahead the things you were going to go through, you wouldn't want them to happen. But they did, and now you are so pleased they did, because it precipitated so many new opportunities that just could not be predicted. Lots of love xx

  9. Ive got the plauge this week to isnt it rotten. Really liking your stripey tights x

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